16 Mamas Share the Sweet Moment They Felt Pregnant

pregnantMany of us don't "feel" pregnant the moment we pee on a stick. In fact, some women, depending on their pregnancy, all but completely forget they're carrying a child until they've got a huge bump to serve as a daily reminder.

With both my last pregnancy and my current, I didn't feel pregnant until I found out the sex of the baby. Once I learned what I was having, I was able to connect with the little being inside of me and form a much clearer vision. Also, being able to say "my daughter" or "my son" felt much more official than just saying "the baby." Hence, making me feel pregnant.

I asked other mamas what the moment they felt pregnant was -- and some of their answers will surprise you!


1. "The moment I went to pour my evening glass of wine and then went, 'F*ck!'"

2. "When I felt those first kicks. Ohhhhh, kicks!"

3. "I felt pregnant as soon as the jeans I wore every single day didn't fit anymore."

4. "I felt pregnant when everything started smelling differently. The world just smelled utterly different."

5. "I think it was when I told my boss at work and thereby it became official to all my co-workers, and I no longer had to wear baggy sweaters. I had been really sick, and he was really concerned about the quality of my work and overall change in attitude and demeanor. He thought everything under the sun except pregnancy. Typical guy boss, a woman would have suspected pregnancy first thing!"

6. "I felt pregnant when I was on my way to the hospital to have him."

7. "I felt pregnant when I was out with a group of people who were drinking wine, and I was sipping on my Pelligrino."

8. "When I went in for my very first check-up and heard the heartbeat. We had been trying for five and a half years."

9. "When I was leaning over the toilet with morning, noon, and night sickness."

10. "I felt pregnant when my hubby woke up at 2 a.m. because he heard loud noises in the house and thought someone broke in. It was me in the kitchen with a meat tenderizer, crushing up avocados that were not ripe enough because I was CONVINCED that I needed fresh guacamole right then and there!"

11. "When I told my family."

12. "I think I officially felt pregnant when my sister bought me a tiny onesie for my daughter about four months in. It was so cute!"

13. "I didn't feel pregnant until I had a proper baby bump!"

14. "At my baby shower! And then when I came home with a carload-full of baby stuff that I had NO idea how to use!"

15. "When a stranger gave me his seat on the train."

16. "I don't think I felt pregnant until we decorated the nursery. And then every time I'd walk by it, I'd think, 'Oh yeah. We're having a kid.'"

When did you feel pregnant?


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