15 Out-of-the-Box Baby Shower Favor Ideas (PHOTOS)

baby shower favorsBaby showers are fun, but let's be honest: They're by far most exciting for the mama-to-be. Your friends and family love you, but they are sitting there, watching you open gifts for an hour. You should send them home with something really, really great!

Here are 15 creative and fun baby shower favors that will have your guests talking for days!


  • Mini Succulents in Cute Pots


    A fun deviation from the typical party favors. And don't worry -- even your friend with the blackest of thumbs will have difficultly killing a succulent.

  • Jars of Honey


    Fancier (and cuter!) than Jordan almonds, guests will love receiving little jars of honey -- especially if they're emblazoned with an adorable note, like, "Sweet as can bee."


  • Cookie Cutters


    Who doesn't love cookie cutters? And who doesn't frantically search for them when they're mid-baking?! Gift your guests with a little bag of cute cookie cutters. Bonus points if you include a card with your favorite recipe on it.

  • Personalized Tea Bags


    Send friends and family home with cute, personalized tea bags in a mug. (Tip: Plain, white mugs are usually super cheap at dollar stores and restaurant outlets, if there's one near you. )

  • Cookie Mix in a Jar


    It's cookie mix. It's a cute, reusable jar. 'Nuff said.

  • Baby Food Jar Candles


    These cute candles will make your shower hard to forget. And don't worry, they don't smell like baby food.

  • Animal Cracker Bags


    Jeanne Sager

    Animal cracker bags! Such an adorable favor for an animal-themed baby shower.

  • Bath Products


    Jennifer Boggs/Amy Paliwoda/Blend Images/Corbis

    Who doesn't love pampering themselves? Gift your guests with luxe body washes and lotions in a cute bag or box. Wanna get extra cute? Include this note: "From my shower to yours."

  • Champagne!


    Just because you can't drink right now doesn't mean your friends can't. Let them pop open some bubbly!

  • Cookies & Milk


    Dinner Series/Flickr

    Send guests off with a cute glass jar of milk and a few cookies in a cellophane bag. Cost-saving tip: Bake the cookies yourself!

  • Picture Frames


    Giving shower guests picture frames gives you the perfect excuse to send everyone photos of your little bundle once she's born!

  • Cake Pops


    Yes, cake pops are ubiquitous these days ... but not when they look like this. Gifting guests with adorable, personalized cake pops is a perfect, sugary way for them to remember your special day.

  • Flower Seeds & a Flower


    A cute gift for a baby shower favor is flower seeds. But don't just send guests off with a packet. Accompanying each pack of seeds with the flower they'll bloom into is so much more fun.

  • Personalized Jars of Jam


    It's the gift that keeps on giving! Jam baby shower favors are a gift guests are sure to use -- and every time they spread the jam on their morning toast, they'll think of your baby!

  • Mini Jewelry Boxes


    Fill mini keepsake boxes with jelly beans or the candy of your choice. Once guests have eaten everything, they'll have a cute box to store jewelry in.

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