Best Ovulation Calculators For Women Trying to Conceive

Suzee Skwiot | May 4, 2014 Pregnancy
Best Ovulation Calculators For Women Trying to Conceive

Remember on Friends when Monica and Chandler left Phoebe's birthday dinner to go have some "time alone" because it was high-time in her ovulation cycle? Well the story is true, people! Planning a pregnancy takes a lot of work and some very exact measurements, but with the help of an accurate and easy-to-use online ovulation calculator, women who are trying to conceive can figure out the best days to make a baby.

Along with a healthy lifestyle and one of these ovulation calendars, you can easily find your fertile window and plan a baby-making session with your partner. Good luck!

How long have you been trying to conceive? Have you tried an ovulation calculator yet?

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  • Best Ovulation Calculators For Women Trying to Conceive

  • BabyMed


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    The calendar automatically gives you a day-by-day breakdown of the most fertile days, along with descriptions of your body's natural processes each day of the month.

    You can find it here.

  • Selene Fertility Awareness


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    The $7.99 app has pretty much everything you could need. It tracks your body temperature, your cervical mucus, your menstrual cycle, your cervical position, ovulation, and even lets you input your medicines and days of sex. For an additional fee, you can also live chat with a professional that can give you tips and advice based on your specific chart.

    Find it here.

  • First Response


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    It gives you the day range when you're most likely to conceive, as well as your most fertile day, so you can mark that one down as "busy" almost immediately!

    Find it here.

  • WomanLog Calendar


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    Almost 60,000 users have claimed this to be one of the best ovulation calculators on the Android market. It holds a 4.6 rating and is known for its easy-to-use date inputs and it's adorable pink layout.

    Find it here.

  • Countdown to Pregnancy


    It helps you find your perfect ovulation period even if you can't exactly pinpoint your ovulation cycle. And for you ovulation experts, it has a special calculator as well!

    Find it here.

  • BioClock Fertility & Pregnancy Calculator


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    It's very similar to many other pregnancy calculators, but also has a due date feature, so you can automatically see the possibly due date at the time of conception (especially awesome if you want a baby born in a certain time of year or month)!

    Find it here.

  • March of Dimes


    Image via March of Dimes

    According to your menstrual cycle, you can find your most fertile days, your day of ovulation, and with the added basal body temperature feature, you'll be able to better predict your next ovulation cycle.

    Find it here.

  • Baby Hopes


    Image via Baby Hopes

    One of the most popular online ovulation calculators, Baby Hopes gives you the option to plan several months ahead and even gives you the best dates for when to conceive a particular gender.

    Find it here.

  • Fertility Friend


    Image via Fertility Friend

    Fertility Friend gives you a day-by-day chart (similar to an astrological chart, actually), that graphs your best days, pinpoints ovulation, and helps you identify pregnancy symptoms and best days for testing.

    Find it here.

  • Woman Calendar


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    This handy dandy iPhone app lets you track ovulation, basal body temperature, sexual activities, and gives you complete graphs of all of your data. It does cost $10, but you can also export and email all the info to yourself to bring to your next doctor's appointment!

    Find it here.

  • Get Pregnant Fertility Ovulation Test


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    The best feature of the app is that it lets you measure your cervical mucus length and consistency (which help to determine the most fertile days in your cycle) by iPhone width! Super handy if you don't have a ruler nearby. But have some Purell close, anyways...

    Find it here.

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