14 Ways to Boost Fertility -- Naturally (PHOTOS)

woman with hand on her stomachFor as long as humanity's been doing it, preparing your body for pregnancy and bolstering fertility is no small feat. In our efforts to get pregnant, we often turn to a wide array of potions and protocols.

Jennifer Mayer, certified holistic health coach, birth doula, and co-founder of Baby Caravan in New York, explains, "There is no such thing as a one size fits all fix, but there are a few easy, non-invasive, natural methods worth investigating to optimize fertility and prepare the body for early pregnancy." Here, 14 natural ways you may be able to bolster your fertility ...

What natural methods have helped you increase your fertility?

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Shandi80 Shandi80

Hi. Please. The new slideshow format is awful and takes forever. It's like 14 separate websites, and I'm using a brand new computer. I have read other member's comments that are very similar to mine in that takes for-ev-er for them to load, please listen to your readers. And that menu bar thing that slides down and goes away on each post is not cool either. Thanks for the tips though. 

nonmember avatar skatehop

Oh wow all I need is less coffee and prenatals?!?! Despite having done everything on this list and MORE , I will just stop paying the RE with 25+ years of experience I have been seeing for 4 years now. Shall I make the $8,000 check out to you for my next ivf ?

ahem-... ahem-excuseme

I can't stand slideshow format! Please get rid of it. It ruins the article, because people don't want to keep flipping through. So frustrating.

Susanna Loughridge

I am on an ipad. I couldn't make it halfway through the slide show because it is so slow, taking forever to load. I already can't watch the videos on this site. I guess it's time to stop watching the slideshows now too.

I really thought this would be more than exercise and eat right, but I guess women in perfect Heath are never infertile? Funny, that.

YesBr... YesBrandysTTC

Agreed.. slideshow's gotta go. I just started taking conceiveeasy... supposedly has 86% success rate within 3 months & works on 7 diff causes of infertility. Hopefully i have one of them b/c $40 is relatively cheap.

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