Mila Kunis Bares Baby Bump for World to See in Sexy Top (PHOTO)

mila kunisMila Kunis is clearly past the point in which she's trying to hide her pregnancy. The actress hasn't come out and said she's pregnant with fiance Ashton Kutcher's baby, but the proof is in the pudding. The pudding being Mila's daring crop top that showed off her baby bump.

Talk about pregnancy chic! Love this look!



mila kunis

By no means am I a Fancy Pants kind of lady -- and by that, I mean I'm so not a makeup-and-heels-every-day gal. But! I am a big believer in dressing how you normally do when you're pregnant -- or as closely to how you normally do as possible. No, not everything will look right, and in the very beginning, it's probably best (IE, more comfortable) to steer clear of the tight tops and dresses in your repertoire. But pregnancy shouldn't be an excuse to wear yoga pants every. Single. Day. Unless of course, that's how you normally dress. (I'm not talking about dressing up here, 'memba? I'm talking about dressing like yourself.)

When I was pregnant with my first, I wore skinny jeans; leggings (obviously); and long, flowy tops every day. People were constantly asking me why I wasn't wearing tight tops to "show off my bump." Answer: Because that's not how I typically dress. I hated the idea of changing everything about my style just because I was growing a baby inside of me. I wanted to look and feel like I normally do -- only with an extra "accessory." In a weird way, I think it kind of helped me emotionally, as well. There was so much change going on around me. It would have been too much if I didn't look like my "normal" self either!

As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, pregnancy is such a celebratory time. It's a time to show off; a time to look and feel as best as we possibly can. For me, and Mila Kunis (my twinsie clearly), that means wearing what we feel most comfortable in and what's most "us." I mean, who needs a frumpy maxi dress dress when you can wear a bohemian crochet crop top?

Did you dress differently when you were pregnant?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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berit berit

Ugh I hate where those pants sit on her! So unflattering, she looks like a dude who's pants aren't high enough

angel... angelachristine

she's probably wearing regular shorts that's it below her stomach so she can get out of wearing maternity shorts.


This look is weird on her she looks like a hippie.

angel... angelachristine

Sorry my phone won't let me edit I meant wearing regular shorts that fit below her bump.

angel... angelachristine

She's at a music festival. The hippy or boho look is very in for those kind of events. Look at some pics from coachella if you doubt it.

Succu... Succubus1987

Who cares what kind of event she's at, the shorts are ugly.

angel... angelachristine

I never said they weren't. I don't like the shorts either. I was just addressing the comment that she looks like a hippie with the fact that is how people dress at those events.

Mazie... Mazie0723

I think her outfit is hideous.

nonmember avatar Mia

...Who cares? We may not like it but that doesn't mean it looks terrible on her. I'm not sure if anyone bothered to look at Ashton is wearing. She is definitely dressed for the event she is attending. I think whatever she wears is fine. She still looks beautiful.

marsh... marshsmom

Where's the bump? And why doesn't Ashton's hat get any attention here.  He looks aweful.

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