15 Fabulous Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Maressa Brown | Apr 25, 2014 Pregnancy
15 Fabulous Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
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Finding out you're pregnant is one thing, but getting to finally shout it from the rooftops? Even MORE fun, some might say! Especially if you tell friends and family by employing a creative photo op. A pregnancy announcement is a special memento of your unborn child, but it doesn't have to be anything over the top. It just needs to be something personal and special to let everyone know that guess what: a bun is in the oven.

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From silly mamas who pun, sports fans who want to include the whole team, to the parents who want to get the whole family in on the act, there are so many ways to spill the beans that you're pregnant. 

So how to choose what's the right way to announce a pregnancy? Try something personal: if you're funny, be funny; if you're sweet, be sweet. Clever and original are always the best, but there is no need to feel pressure to make the BEST pregnancy announcement ever. And maybe take a look at these hilarious ideas below. They might just be the source of inspiration.

Here, 15 mamas' adorable, super-silly, hilarious, and oh-so-sweet pregnancy announcement ideas that may inspire your own!

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  • Football Season


    Image via Rachel Infinger

    This adorable couple announced their pregnancy with a nod to their due date and favorite season -- football, of course. Talk about a touchdown!

  • Father's Day Surprise


    Image via Lori Kurtzman-Donovan

    This mom posed with her hubby/dad-to-be to break the news to their friends and family on Father's Day. Too perfect!

  • Big Brother Breaks the News


    Image via Pooja Makhijani

    Nothing wrong with putting big bro in charge of announcing the big news to the family.

  • Happy Holiday, Indeed!


    Image via Caitlin Devan

    These parents-to-be sent out this adorable photo with their holiday cards. Love the "do not open until June 2014" tag!

  • For Baby #4


    Image via submitted photo

    When the littest of three is sporting a "big sister" tee, you know mama's got her hands full! Of course these adorable girls couldn't seem more excited to welcome their sibling.

  • Magical Moments


    Image via Kristy Smith

    This mama-to-be made it clear the magic in her house won't be limited to fantasy movies any longer! Bring on the baby!

  • Prego ... 'It's in There!'


    Image via Maura Mullally-Caycho

    Who says pasta sauce only works on pasta? It clearly has surprising, multiple uses!


  • Under the Mistletoe


    Image via Brooke Ashley Photography/Flickr

    This holiday-themed announcement featuring dad kissing someone other than his honey under the mistletoe is pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

  • Bun in the Oven


    Image via submitted photo

    The mom-to-be here and her honey nodded to their little bun in the oven with these quirky Halloween costumes. Only the smartest cookies put two and two together to wish the parents-to-be "congrats!"


  • Reserved Seating


    Image via submitted photo

    Nothing says "I'm expecting ... again!" like a double stroller!

  • Two Feet


    Image via submitted photo

    This couple gave the term "expanding" their brood a whole new, totally cute meaning!

  • Lots of Puppy Love for Baby


    Image via Michaeljzealot/Flickr

    Dog lovers adore the idea of letting their fur babies make the big announcement.

  • Tiny Toms


    Image via adamrjensen/Flickr

    Sometimes all it takes is the tiniest pair of ruby Toms to let your loved ones know there's a munchkin on the way. (Writing the due date in chalk is a nice touch, too!)

  • Welcome to the Farm


    Looks like it's going to be an even fuller house at the farm for these excited parents-to-be.

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