Baby Showers for Dads? Hell, Yeah!

dad-to-be holding up onesiesThe term "man shower" probably brings to mind ... well, anything but a bunch of guys sitting around toasting one dad-to-be with beer-diaper cakes and Stroller Olympics. But that's exactly the trend growing on Pinterest! Yep, future dads are being thrown their very own baby showers or "dadchelor" parties.

Of course the get-togethers -- during which dudes may be encouraged to perhaps eat BBQ and drink beer out of baby bottles while the guest of honor is referred to as "the man behind the bump" -- are typically planned by the mamas-to-be. But apparently guys themselves are coming around to the tradition, enjoying being feted by their friends before becoming fathers. Hey, who's to say this isn't something that we shouldn't have been doing all along?!


It's taken us so long, but we're finally at a point with modern parenting where dads are assumed to be really involved with labor and everything that comes after related to raising their kids. There are more and more stay-at-home dads.

Really, we're years away from those Leave It to Beaver days where a breadwinner pop's contributions to parenting were limited to after work and on weekends -- maybe. For many men, fatherhood is no longer a part-time gig. So why shouldn't expectant dads be celebrated in the very same way as expectant moms?

Furthermore, man showers only stand to improve on society's increasingly healthier attitude toward dads being hands-on. Any trend that encourages guys to get excited -- as opposed to the stale stereotype of them being totally freaked out -- to become dads should flourish. Plus, ultimately, you can't threaten a guy with a good time -- even if it means being gifted with diapers galore!

What do you think about man showers? Have you thrown one for your guy -- or would you?

Image via Jim Reynolds/Flickr

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