20 Baby Names Inspired by the Coolest TV Moms

baby names tv momsTelevision is just bananas lately -- there is so much to watch and even more to DVR because it's impossible to fit it all in. Everything from Modern Family to Game of Thrones to Teen Mom. Admit the guilty pleasures. And in everything there is inspiration. Baby name inspiration.

Sure, some of us look to our own mothers or grandmothers for baby names -- which is a fantastic and beautiful thing to do -- but maybe you already used that name for your first child or ... just don't like the name. Thank goodness she's called Mom most of the time. (Make it a middle name and everyone's happy.) These TV moms are not only funny or dramatic or sometimes even a little bit wicked, but they have great names -- names to consider for your little girl.

  1. Claire. Julie Bowen's character from Modern Family reminds us of this adorable name that also means "bright and clear." It's also the name of one of my favorite TV moms ever -- Clair Huxtable, spelled without the e.
  2. Gloria. The hilarious and bubbly Gloria on Modern Family (played by Sofia Vergara) is the opposite of Claire but has an equally pretty girls' name. Plus, there's that song G-L-O-R-I-A!
  3. Lois. We have Lois Lane but also Malcolm in the Middle's mom played by Jane Kaczmarek. Lois sounds like a whisper and has an old-fashioned feel.
  4. Kourtney. Sure, there are Kris and Kim, but Kourtney with a K is cool with a C.
  5. Carol. Melissa McBride brilliantly plays Carol in The Walking Dead, and while she had a not-so-shining parenting moment when she asked Lizzie to "look at the flowers," we all know she was being protective of Judith and humankind with what she was forced to do. Carol. Like a song.
  6. Michonne. This is such a gorgeous name -- just like actress Danai Gurira who plays Michonne on The Walking Dead. It means "who is like God" according to Babynology. Fitting since I think everyone wants Michonne on their side.
  7. Cersei. Lena Headey plays Cersei in Games of Thrones and not only is Cersei a beautiful and very enchanting name for a girl, so is her actual name Lena. Double the inspiration here.
  8. Daenarys. Mothers of Dragons count, especially because Daenarys is a literary name that sounds like a fairy. Plus that hair! Those braids! Actress Emilia Clarke who plays Daenarys also has a pretty name.
  9. Elsa. While Elsa of The Real Housewives of Miami may be an odd choice to derive baby girl name inspiration from, if we just think of the name, we can hear its beauty. Nameberry says it means "pledged to God." The movie Frozen may make this name start to soar in popularity as well.
  10. Ramona. The name Ramona means "protecting hands" and it's also the name of Real Housewives of New York powerhouse Ramona Singer. 
  11. Maci. Maybe don't tell your daughter that you named her after Maci from Teen Mom, but do tell her it means that she's a born leader, according to SheKnows.
  12. Arlene. I just love True Blood's Arlene played by Carrie Preston. The name feels Southern and old school. Very pretty for a girl.
  13. Ruth. Another old school name is Ruth, the mom from Six Feet Under played by Frances Conroy. It means "friend" -- so sweet, like a Baby Ruth. Aww baby Ruth!
  14. Loreen. I've never met a Loreen and I don't know why because this name is so pretty. Loreen is Hannah's mom on Girls -- played by Becky Ann Baker. It's like Lauren and Maureen had a baby and it's Loreen.
  15. Viviene. Connie Britton played mom Viviene on American Horror Story to perfection. It's also one of the Jolie-Pitt kids, only they spell it Vivienne.
  16. Tami. We can't mention Connie Britton without talking about her role as Tami, one of the best moms on TV from Friday Night Lights. Tami can be short for Tamara or Tamiko, and Think Baby Names says it means "let people see benefit."
  17. Alicia. The very girly name Alicia is also the mom in The Good Wife played by Julianna Margulies. Girly, yes. Also powerful.
  18. Marge. Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have one of the best moms ever -- Marge Simpson. Could be short for Margaret, but I love it as it is.
  19. Betty. Let's give Betty Draper (played by January Jones) a bit of a break for her shortcomings as a mom on Mad Men (it was a strange time). Let's appreciate the name Betty. And think of Betty White and Bettie Page, too. Great name.
  20. Skyler. Anna Gunn's character Skyler in Breaking Bad was a great protector -- of her kids and Walt (until the end). It's a great name for a girl or boy and fittingly means "protection or scholar."

Which TV mom name is your favorite?


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