28 Hip Baby Names for Foodie Parents

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Gwyneth Paltrow may have gotten a lot of flak for naming her little girl Apple awhile back, but more and more parents are leaning on baby names inspired by the vibrant fruits, veggies, and other foods we eat every day. Consider how, according to the Social Security’s official baby name database, 335 babies were named Kale in 2012 -- 11 girls and 325 boys. And that's not the only food-inspired moniker on the rise! 


Here, 21 hip baby names fit for foodies ...

  1. Kale - The cruciferous leafy green veggie has also become a really hot baby name, especially for boys. Interestingly, it also comes from an ancient Germanic name that means "freeholder." Variations include Kaleb or Kalen.
  2. Basil - While it may be an integral part of a caprese salad, it could also be a pretty cute boy name. While still considered pretty unique, it's been used as a character name in several shows/movies, such as in the British TV show Fawlty Towers and the Disney movie Basil of Baker Street. Basil Brush and Basil Wombat are two other characters who sport the moniker, which means "regal."
  3. Plum - Perhaps due in part to the popularity of British-born novelist Plum Sykes, this beautifully unique little girl's name is increasingly popular. Moon Unit Zappa also uses it as a nickname for her daughter Matilda.
  4. Kobe - Kobe Bryant who was named after a Japanese steakhouse, and now many parents want to name their sons after the basketball star. It was ranked #494 in 2013 and its use appears to be on the rise.
  5. Apple - The name of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter has also become a viable pick in recent years, but is still rarely used.
  6. Peaches - The name of rocker Bob Geldof's late daughter is a quirky choice, but a more popular pick in England, California, and New York.
  7. Chia - Protein-packed seeds? Sure, but also a unisex baby name. It's Chinese for summer, as well as Japanese for "a thousand nights." The Spanish variation of Lucia, which could be a variation of the name.
  8. Nori - Seaweed used for sushi, but super-trendy as a little girl's name these days, thanks to Kim Kardashian's daughter North West. As a result, perhaps, it's trendiness is steadily on the rise.
  9. Olive - Most recently, Drew Barrymore gave her eldest daughter this classic foodie name parents are loving once again. In 2012, 125 baby Olives were born in California!
  10. Clementine - Actors Ethan Hawke and Barry Watson (from 7th Heaven) both have daughters with this old school fruit name -- which also means "mild, merciful" -- that's on the rise again. It was also the name of Kate Winslet's character in 2004's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
  11. Tea - It's not just the name of a popular beverage or "party" in Boston in 1773. In 2012, California was home to nine little girls named Tea, and New York and New Jersey had five each.
  12. Ginger - Though the name enjoyed its peak popularity was the late '60s and '70s -- possibly due to the airing of Gilligan's Island starring Tina Louise as Ginger -- it's also a name for spice-loving parents to consider these days, as well.
  13. Pepper - This female name inspired by the everyday table spice has also appeared in pop culture quite a bit. (It was the name of a character in the musical Annie!)
  14. Saffron - While still considered very unique, more and more parents are considering this distinctively yellow spice's name for their child. It tends to be more popular in the U.K.: Consider English actress Saffron Burrows or the character on the cult classic British TV series Absolutely Fabulous, Saffron "Saffy" Monsoon. Also, Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon gave his daughter  the name.
  15. Charlotte - You might not think of it as a food right away, but this girl's name is also a dessert made with lady-fingers. It's also currently #11 on the list of most popular girls names.
  16. Dolce - The Italian word for desserts (such as gelato and tiramisu!) also makes a lovely girl's name.
  17. Lilikoi - This girl's name is the Hawaiian word for passion fruit, often used in trendy cocktails. You could nickname her Lili.
  18. Sage - Meaning wise and healthy, it may also be your favorite culinary herb. Although actress Toni Collette gave her daughter the name in 2008, Sage is considered unisex and given to boys a third of the time.
  19. Barack - The name of the president, yes, but also Hungarian brandy made from apricots! It also means "thunderbolt, lightning; or blessing." The POTUS' first name hasn't risen much in popularity since he was elected, but his last name certainly has.
  20. Tamari - U.S. parents first started leaning on this condiment name in 2006. Now, both boys and girls share their names with the fermented soybean product.
  21. Rosemary - A popular culinary herb that's also been a classic female name for generations. It means "dew of the sea."
  22. Thyme - This shout-out to another herb is an increasingly trendy, albeit unusual, name for girls. 
  23. Quinoa - While it really has yet to completely catch on, there have been predictions that given the current popularity of the grain, this one could easily blow up into becoming the next Jennifer someday.
  24. Kamut - Another grain taking the food world by storm, which could work as a boy's name.
  25. Amaranth - Or Amarantha for a girl to nod to one of the world's oldest grains, originating in South America. It means "immortal" and "unfading." Variation: The Italian and Spanish form Amaranta.
  26. Maple - Actor Jason Bateman gave his daughter after this tree and syrup name, which is definitely set for a boost in use by other parents as a result.
  27. Harissa - This popular Tunisian hot Chili pepper paste could also be shortened to Hariss for a boy, which would be considered rather idiosyncratic.
  28. Sriracha - You could name your little one after the beloved, cult fave Thai chili sauce and argue that "Racha" comes from the Sanskrit Raja, which is the word for “king” in many Indian languages.

Which of these baby names would you consider? Any others inspired by trendy foods?

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