America's Strangest Baby Name Is Impossible to Pronounce

alphabet soupWell, America, the votes are in. You may think you've met the kid with the weirdest name in the nation, but chances are you haven't. That is unless you know one of the five children named Zzyzx?

No, that's not a typo. There are five kids in America carrying the unfortunate moniker Zzyzx, and a vote on bizarre baby names over at ebabynames just put theirs at the top of the weirdest list.

We know exactly what you're thinking. How does one pronounce that name?

Technically, it seems parents intend for their children to be called "Zay-Zix."

But that's the key, isn't it? What parents intend people to do with their child's name versus what really happens?

We can debate all day about whether or not strange baby names will make kids a target of bullying or if they're just going to be bullied because kids are cruel. But what's not up for debate is the problem that kids face when their parents create names that are hard -- if not impossible -- to pronounce.

They are dooming their kids to a lifetime of this:

John? Here.

Michael? Here.

Zuh. Zay. Zzzz. Mumble. Mumble. I'm sorry, but I can't pronounce this. Anyone with a name starting with Z? Sigh ... here.

In school. At the doctor's office. On the Starbucks line. And worse ... at job interviews.

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In this drive to be unique, parents seem to be forgetting the utility factor when it comes to baby naming.

Just look at the name that took the number 10 spot in ebabynames' weirdest vote: Mc. Is it pronounced Em-cee? Mick? Mike? Mac?

Kids need to be able to use this name. OTHER PEOPLE need to be able to use this name. Throwing down a pile of consonants on the birth certificate is essentially useless. Sure, it's a name, but it's not one that people can actually say.

So let's just add this to the list of best baby naming practices: write the name down. Ask other people to read it out loud. If they stumble over the pronunciation, you might as well just move it to the bottom of your list. You've got a kid to name ... not a statement to make.

What's the craziest baby name you've seen over the years? How was it pronounced?


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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

I think people should be free to name their kids what they want, but honestly... pick a name (or spelling) that people can effing pronounce! This is why I have issues with weird spellings... That kid has to live with that name for.ever. What you think is clever, cute and different at age 2 will not be cute when they're fresh out of school and trying to make a life for themselves. Try to have some foresight people!

nonmember avatar Mommadeeder

I used to work with a lady who literally made up her children's names. Zjhlyn (pronounced zha Lynn) Ana ZayJuan. Seriously, these kids have to deal with the ridiculousness of a not so bright choice.

nonmember avatar Ssbarno

Zzyzx is a road on the way to Las Vegas if you are driving there from San Diego. Maybe that's where the parents got the inspiration? I knew how to pronounce it from years of driving past this road.

kayba... kaybayblee3

It's one thing to name their kid something "unique", ok whatever, it's your kid, but I work in a clinic and actually have parents get pissed at me for not pronoucing their kid's name right! If you think it's a good name, then go with it, but know that not everyone is going to "get" it.

Torra... TorranceMom

People who do crap like this need to be roundhouse kicked in the face.  How desperate for attention do you have to be to name your child something like this?

Gypsy... Gypsy.Scribe

I almost had it right. My guess was "zih-zix" lol

Lacey Tierney

Well the good news is that people are NOT "STUCK" with whatever name they are given at birth for the rest of their lives. Names can be legally changed..! *shock*

justi... justinnaimee

In addition to the aforementioned road there is also a song called Zzyzx road by Stone Sour.

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