Mila Kunis Finally Reaches Baby Bump Stage (PHOTO)

mila kunisShe can stay as mum as she wants, but there's no denying that Mila Kunis is pregnant. The actress and her fiancee, Ashton Kutcher, were recently spotted at LAX, and Kunis' adorable baby bump was on full display. She's definitely popped, as they say, and the ever-intrusive paparazzi even managed to get a shot of her affectionately rubbing her belly. Cuteness.

I've gotta say, even though being pregnant isn't the most comfortable thing on the planet for everyone, "popping" -- AKA, finally looking pregnant and not like you just are bloated from overeating salty meats and cheeses -- is such a great, relieving feeling. It's sort of like your coming out party to the world. Mamas-to-be can finally stop trying to disguise their "awkward" body with baggy and loose-fitting clothing, and we can do the belly rub thing -- which, let's be honest, is innate -- without looking like complete weirdos.

Can I get an amen for finally looking pregnant, ladies?!

mila kunis baby bump

I'm currently a little over 16 weeks, and full disclosure? My body looks and feels weird to me right now. Being that it's my second pregnancy, I'm showing more than I was this time with my first, but I long for a few months from now when I can let it all hang out in a maxi dress and no one will look at me, wondering if I'm pregnant or not. (Bonus, though? Bigger boobs already -- woohoo!)

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Also, there's the maternity clothes thing, pre-popping. Many women haven't yet made the switch at this point, myself included, so most things are tight and ill-fitting before we get our baby bumps. Although, word of advice, mamas: I'm actually wearing maternity jeggings today for the first time this pregnancy, due to having no clean clothes. Best. Decision. Ever. Even though I still (tightly) fit into my regular clothes, this is so much more comfy! I can't recommend it enough!

And, again, back to the belly-rubbing thing. It's instinctive and we all do it, regardless of where we are in our pregnancy. But it does look a little more natural when there's an actual bump -- a real bump -- there to rub, don't you think?

How far along were you before you popped?


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nonmember avatar jo

On th whole clothes thing. My first I waited until I couldnt stand my regular clothes even did the whole rubber band around the button of my pants. The second time oh no I went to maternity clothes as soon as I could.

caleb... calebsmama12312

Around 6 maybe 6 and a half months. I am very short & small framed & I think I just looked like I was chubbier from like 4 months to 6 months. It was awkward bc you couldn't tell I was pregnant but I definitely looked chubbier lol.

Yolie Scott

I was 7 months pregnant when I started wearing smocks - due to the fact that I was sick morning, noon and night, Then I started showing my son weighed 6 lbs 12 oz and was 18" long, That baby is now 51 years old,

nonmember avatar Alyssa Dickey

With my first I shower at about four months, wore my regular clothes until I couldn't get my jeans on. My second (which are four years and three months apart) was about three months along and then got into my previous maternity pants that would fit or I wore my sweats and sweatshirts. And now with my third pregnancy I'm nearly 29 weeks and I started to show at about 2mo. I lost all my pre pregnancy weight and weighed less than what I weighed before my first because I breastfeed my second baby for 13 months so I wore my buckle jeans until I was four months. Every pregnancy is different and with each pregnancy you will show sooner bc of built up baby fat.

Aprila Stojkovick Montefusco

I started showing at 12 weeks and couldnt fit into my regular clothes by 14 weeks. I had excess amniotic fluids plus a big baby boy. 

Jorie21 Jorie21

I'm tall and petite and with my first, I started showing at 6 1/2 mos. So I'm guessing with her being short and petite she could be 5 mos.

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