One-Third of Pregnant Women Are Missing Out on Crucial Nutrient

pregnancy diet vitamin d toddler cavitiesEvery pregnant woman knows her diet is crucial in providing nutrients to an unborn baby's growth and development. What you eat now could affect a baby well beyond pregnancy -- in fact, a recent study done at the University of Manitoba's dental school in Winnipeg found that women's low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy led to a higher risk of cavities in toddlers.

And get this -- researchers found that about a third of women have vitamin D levels that were far too low. That's a lot of moms!


Granted, when you're pregnant, you're probably not thinking about your toddler's teeth. That's a long way off!

But one-third of moms not getting enough vitamin D is serious business. Besides representing a cavity risk to kids as young as 16 months, just look at what else this can do to you and your baby:

Convinced now? So stock up on eggs and mushrooms, reduce your sugar intake, and get out in the sun! It's the key to your child's future!

Did you/are you taking vitamin D supplements while pregnant?


Image via rahego/Flickr

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