30 Baby Names After the Coolest Mom Rock Stars

There is inspiration everywhere when choosing a name for your baby. And if you wanted a name that possessed strength and coolness, look no further than this list of female rock stars who are also moms. Rock stars have the best names.

Of course, Gwen and Lita are on the list, but Stevie is there, too (she's a stepmom). Plus several other beautiful baby girl names that may end up inspiring your little sweetie to play drums someday.

  1. Lita. Lita Ford was the coolest chick in the hair metal days -- she sang a duet with Ozzy! Bonus coolness if you name your daughter Lita Sharon after the two most rockin' women in Ozzy's life.
  2. Stevie. The goddess herself, Stevie Nicks, is really named Stephanie Lynn, but Stevie carries a more mysterious magicalness to it.
  3. Cherie. Rock and roll wouldn't be the same without The Runaways, which introduced us to Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Sandy West, Jackie Fox, and lead vocalist Cherie Currie.
  4. Exene. Exene Cervenka describes herself as such: "I am a mother, writer, musician, artist, and singer for bands like X, The Knitters, and my own projects. Thank you for listening, for thinking." Inspiring person to name your daughter after.
  5. Kim. Two words: Sonic Youth. Two more: Kim Gordon. Another two: Amazing woman.
  6. Patti. If you haven't read Just Kids, you should. Patti Smith's life is as alluring as her music and poetry ... and name.
  7. Cher. Born Cherilyn, Cher is one of those one-name names perfect for the kid who doesn't have the best or easiest to pronounce last name.
  8. Gwen. More than "Just a Girl," Gwen Stefani's first name also means "blessed" and "holy."
  9. Jewel. Another gorgeous one-name name, and this one sparkles.
  10. Alanis. Meaning "cheerful," the name Alanis can also have the nickname Lani, which is equally pretty.
  11. Sheryl. You can spell Sheryl with a "C," but in keeping with the "S," you align the name with Sheryl Crow, who is a "darling," just like her name suggests according to Nameberry.
  12. Corin. Corin Tucker's rock star resume includes Heavens to Betsy, Sleater-Kinney (Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia was also a member), Cadallaca, and The Corin Tucker Band. She's one of the coolest riot girls ever.
  13. Liz. The album Exile in Guyville changed many a young girl (and guy). Liz Phair rocks. Name your child Liz and play her this album when she's old enough. Or be totally rock star and raise her on it.
  14. Grace. The name Grace has such a peaceful, feminine feel to it, and Grace Slick put a little edginess into the moniker.
  15. Kimya. Kimya Dawson of The Moldy Peaches makes us look at the name Kim in a whole new light. It's like a more celebratory way of saying Kim ... Kimya!
  16. Courtney. So she may not be the most favorite rock star mom, but Courtney Love has a great name. It's number 245 in popularity, making it a perfect not-so-common name with flair.
  17. Chrissie. Ditch the old-fashioned Christine and go with the name Chrissie. Chrissie Hynde did and look where it got her.
  18. Tori. Perfect for little girls with red hair who may go on to play piano, Tori (after Tori Amos) has a mystical feel and, according to Think Baby Names, means "bird" in Japanese.
  19. Bjork. Daring. Different. Original. Incredible. That's what Bjork means.
  20. Edie. Forget the mean one on Desperate Housewives, think of Edie and think of peace-loving Edie Brickell, New Bohemian.
  21. Brody. Not just a name for boys, Brody Dalle of The Distillers gave the name a punk rock chick feel.
  22. Ani. Three-letter names are lovely, just like Ani DiFranco. Plus the name Ani means "very beautiful." Fitting.
  23. Melissa. Melissa Etheridge is a great rock icon to name a baby after. And your child will also have "Sweet Melissa" by The Allman Brothers as her song.
  24. Nina. The wild and wonderful Nina Hagen rules. She's also great at names -- her kids are Cosma and Otis.
  25. Kay. Kay Hanley of Letters to Cleo is not only rock star awesome, she composed the theme and other songs for Disney's Doc McStuffins.
  26. Susanna. Who doesn't love at least one song by The Bangles? Susanna Hoffs was the band's darling and her name means "lily" or "rose."
  27. Theo. The Lunachicks' Theo Kogan was girl punk personified. Gorgeous unisex name as it is, or short for Theodora.
  28. Annie. Eurythmics' Annie Lennox has such a beautiful voice, and a name to match. Annie is one of those old-fashioned feeling names that is timeless.
  29. Terri. The '80s wouldn't have been the same without the band Berlin and singer Terri Nunn. I love this spelling, and it's a great version of Teresa.
  30. Adele. According to Nameberry, Adele is both a saint and a royal name. According to me, Adele is a beautiful name for a baby girl.

Which rock star mom name is your favorite?

Image via Haywire Custom Guitars/Flickr

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