25 Wine-Inspired Baby Names

baby names for wine loversIf your dream vacation is going to Sonoma, you're more enamored by Malbec or Pinot Noir than White Zinfandel, and you can seriously relate to Paul Giamatti's character in Sideways, you might be a wine lover, a wino, an oenophile. And if that's the case, you may want to draw inspiration from your favorite beverage when it comes down to naming your kiddo!

Here, 25 baby names wine lovers will want to raise a toast to ...

  1. Amarone - This typically rich Italian dry red wine hails from the region that's also home to Romeo & Juliet: Verona! So this name may be especially fitting for a romantic wino. Variations include Amara, Amaranda, and Amarantha, which means "beloved" or "flower."
  2. Asti - You may want to say "cheers" to your little girl with the name of this sparkling white Italian wine. Variation: Esti, which means "of sweet honey flavor."
  3. Franc/Franca - Lovers of the French varietal Cabernet Franc may want to go with this Spanish name for their boy or girl, which means "free one."
  4. Grenache - The name of this crowd-pleasing wine, grown in France, Spain, Australia, and the U.S., could work for either a boy or a girl. You could also do a variation like Grendel or Grenjad.
  5. Merlot - This easy to drink red wine could also inspire a baby name! (Related options include Merlow, or the French names Merla, Merle, Merlin, and Merlina.)
  6. Nero - Why not name your little guy after Nero d'Avola, considered "the most important red wine grape in Sicily" and one of Italy's most important indigenous varieties? You could also go with the Spanish name Neron, which means "strong."
  7. Burgundy - Fans of eastern French wines could go with this region's name for a boy or a girl.
  8. Syrah - Also spelled "Sirah," you could be paying tribute to your favorite Petite Sirah or Syrah and managing a unique twist on the classic Hebrew name Sarah, which means "pure" or "happy."
  9. Shiraz - Keep the "z" for a boy or cut it for a girl. Shira, a beautiful Hebrew girl's name, means "tune."
  10. Moscato - If you love this sparkly libation, you may want to consider Catori for a girl or Cato for a boy.
  11. Champagne - Celebrate your baby with this bubbly name, which could arguably be a variation on Charlaine or Charmaine.
  12. Demi - Inspired by Demi-Sec, but not so off the beaten path, especially since stars Demi Moore and Lovato shot to fame!
  13. Cava - The Spanish wine name also calls to mind Cavilor, Cavalon, Cavan for a boy, or Cavana for a girl. Also similar: the Hebrew name Chava, which means "life."
  14. Brachetto - This northwestern Italian red wine name could work for a little boy. Or you may want to simply tip your hat to it with Brachah, a Hebrew name for a girl that means "blessed."
  15. Chablis - Name your little girl after the famous French wine region to pay tribute to its dry white wine.
  16. Chardonnay - Full-bodied, creamy, oaky, and sometimes rich, winos tend to either love or loathe this white wine. Those who love it might also love it as a girl's name! Or try Chardae for a girl, Charles for a boy.
  17. Gruner - If you love this white wine from Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, you might want to consider this name for your little boy. You could also try Gunnar, which means "fighter."
  18. Silvaner - Lots of ways to name your baby after this white wine from Alsace and Germany! Not only could the name itself work, but you might also want to consider Silvano for a boy, or Silva for a girl.
  19. Roussanne - White wine grown in the Rhône wine region in France could make for a beautiful variation Rosanne, which means "favor and grace."
  20. Rhône - This regional appellation for red, rosé, and white wines has a feverish fan following. Could also make for a beautiful girl or boy name. Variations include Rhonda or Rhoda.
  21. Pouilly - Pouilly Fume, a dry French white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, could also inspire a Polly or Lilly. 
  22. Dolcetto/Dolcetta - Name your baby for the black Italian wine grape variety widely grown in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, and you'll also be naming him or her "little sweet one." Aww!
  23. Montrachet - This white wine from Burgundy could inspire a boy's name with his nickname being Monte!
  24. Madeira - This Portuguese wine made in the Madeira islands may inspire a perfectly sweet name for your little girl.
  25. Chianti - This red favorite from Tuscany, Italy could work for a boy or a girl name!

What's your favorite wine-inspired baby name?

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Fondue Fondue

This isn't a list of baby names. You just copied the wine list from your local Italian restaurant.

amazz... amazzonia

are you serious?!?! I think someone drank too much before writing this article

nonmember avatar Tim

This list is unbelievably dreadful and I hope nobody would be silly enough to follow its advice.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Naming your child after your favorite alcoholic beverage is a sure sign that's you have a problem. What's next, calling your kids Smirnoff and Absolut? That's going to make a great impression at kindergarten registration. 

nonmember avatar yvette

Yall some haters. lol. demi is on there. So,it's ok for demi Moore buy no one else? Gtfo

nonmember avatar commonsensemom

brandy, sherry, midori, stella, margarita, and Bailey are all names with some alcholic influences. that doesnt mean i would name my child something obviously alcoholic like these though.

nonmember avatar Jessica William

@yvette I'm pretty sure Demi Moore and Demi Lovato weren't named after demi-sec. In both cases, Demi is short for Demetria (an actual name)! Get off your high horse...

nonmember avatar socalmom

This list is ridiculous. Those are dreadful names and I can't believe anyone would encourage it. I don't believe that Demi was named after a wine either...just a coincidence. The next article this person writes will be..."how gullible parents are to name their babies after an article" I'm sure this was written after a bottle or two of wine!

nonmember avatar Lucia

I would cry at the inevitable mispronunciation of 'Dolcetta/o'… all I hear is Duhl-set-oh/Duhl-set-uh. Also, any Italian in general would find that name (and any of the others) a laughing matter. Americans and their 'unique' names.

Robin Hartman

I know someone named Jameson. Isn't that a whisky or something?

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