Using 'Game of Thrones' to Name Your Baby Is a Big Mistake

game of thrones onesieUnless you've been living under a rock, you're aware that a little show named Game of Thrones is seriously popular. And it has serious -- no, serious -- fans. How serious are Game of Thrones fans? So serious that they're naming their children after characters on the show. Since the program's premiere, there have been 30 babies named Khaleesi, and the name Arya has doubled in popularity.

No biggie, right? People have been naming their children after books, shows, and movies for decades (Harry Potter; Twilight; Hunger Games, anyone?). Well, see, the thing is, with GOT names, some of the monikers, like Khaleesi, are completely made up. As in, they were never names; never words; never anything before George R.R. Martin, author of the series, created them in his head.

Anyone else think it's an eensy bit odd to give a child a completely, totally made up name?

I'm all for "weird" and unconventional names; promise. My daughter has a gorgeous one herself, and I've been on the receiving end of many an eye roll; "don't you think she's going to get made fun of" comments; and "huh?!"s over the past two years. But as unique and uncommon as her name is, it isn't made up by me, my husband, or anybody else.

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When it comes to giving our kids names, it feels, to me, only natural that there's some kind of meaning behind what parents choose. Whether the name honors a favorite flower or color; a city we once visited; or a variation of a family member's name, having meaning behind a name gives it a little, for lack of a better word, substance. Even if it's just a pretty name you've heard over the years, one you knew you wanted to use, there's a bit of a story there. What's behind a made-up name? Where did it come from? What's the genealogy behind "Ghwardi" or "Lughtesi"? It literally was just plucked out of thin air.

Of course, what people choose to name their baby is a completely personal choice and one I'd never make fun of, but for me, it just makes sense for there to be something, however minuscule and banal, behind a baby name. Sure, Khaleesi is "common" and has a back story now, but think about it this way: Years ago, it was just a word a man made up in his house. Would you choose your baby's name that way now? I seriously doubt it.

What do you think of made-up baby names?


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the4m... the4mutts

Doesn't mean much from someone who doesn't spell check their blog header.

"Game IF Thrones"


Choco... Chocodoxies

Okay, I was going to say something about how all names come from somewhere and at one time they were made up by someone... But, then I read the above comment and just laughed and laughed, then I snorted and laughed some more and all that laughter made me forget about my snarky comment.

Epic win the4mutts. Epic win. 

the4m... the4mutts

;) at least she fixed ut


Well Chocodoxies that's where I'm going, lol. Nicole hate to brake it to ya, but, yours and everyone for that fact was named from letters plucked out of thin air at one time. I'm sure they had to be translated from grunts and to say nothing that not too many people could read and write way back when. So where do you come up with your logic?

MomTo... MomToovey

Wendy. If you don't have a problem with people named Wendy, you shouldn't have a problem with people named after characters from a book that the author made up.

CLM3345 CLM3345

I met someone at a kid's bday party who named their daughter after the big, blue dragon in the book made to movie Eragon. While the name, Saphira, is quite pretty - I will always think of a blue dragon when I look at their child. But hey, whatever floats your boat!

nonmember avatar CJ

Parents using names that authors have made up is not a new thing. It's been going on since Shakespearean times. Also, why is it your business to tell someone else naming their kid a Game of Thrones name is a bad idea? It's not your kid. Glad you think your baby has a "GORGEOUS" name, but I'm sure there are some people who don't think your kid's name is all that. I don't know if I would use them myself, but some of the names on the show I think are kinda cool. Cersei, Arya, Lyanna, Olenna, Ellaria, Selyse are pretty.

justi... justinnaimee

People name their kids Abcde and Hashtag. At least these are made up names for people.

mom2j... mom2jessnky

Khaleesi isn't her freaking name, it's her title, so naming your kid Khaleesi is akin to naming them princess or queen. The character's name is Daenerys for fucks sake I wish people paid attention.

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