Mom Goes 'A Few Weeks' Past Due Date & Gives Birth to Huge Baby​

baby feetOhmahlord! A mother in Pennsylvania just gave birth to a 13-pound, 8 and 1/2-ounce baby. The not-so-little cutie, who was delivered via c-section, is doing fine and almost broke the state record for the biggest baby ever born! (There was someone bigger?!) The brave mama delivered her son, Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer, a few weeks after his due date.

A few weeks? Yowza! I'm kind of curious as to why this poor woman wasn't induced!

The Dwyers were told their baby would likely be 9 to 10 pounds when he was born, so they were fairly surprised when they learned that Waldo was almost a whopping 14 pounds! "He had a little extra time in there to cook, to grow. It seems as though he is so peaceful," mom Danielle said. And Waldo's dad, Brian, added, "When he came out, when the doctor pulled him out, on his shoulders, there were so many fat rolls, you couldn't tell where his armpits were!"

I'm all for letting labor and delivery come naturally. I wasn't induced with my first and have no plans to be with my second. But personal views aside, I'd be fairly concerned and likely ask my doctor about induction were I a few weeks past my due date. Technically speaking, I believe two weeks is the max any OBGYN would let a patient go past their due date before nudging things along, so waiting "a few" weeks, as Danielle did, isn't unheard of. But women should know that they have a right to speak up at that point, if they're not feeling comfortable with waiting that long. Danielle may have been completely fine with not being induced, but it's important for mamas-to-be to know that if they've gone a substantial amount of time past their date, and their doctor still isn't inducing, it's okay to say something.

Again, I'm not some staunch advocate of induction -- like I said, I wasn't induced myself -- but there is a point in which safety (and pain!) become a concern, and it's important for mothers to know that they're not in the wrong to speak up. Even if their views do differ from their doctors'. You're the mama.

Were you induced? Why or why not?


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thing... thingz123

I wasn't induced with my first, but it wouldn't have been a horrible idea. . .

My OBGYN at the time and myself had been going round and round with what my true conception date was. I was sure it was earlier than she kept insisting it was. My supposed due date comes and goes with no baby. I give birth about 1 1/2 weeks after the due date she came up with.

She had been estimating that he was between 7 and 8 lbs, but by the time he was delivered, he was 5 lbs. He lost weight from being in there so long-my umbilical cord was analyzed, and it was showing signs of decay. We were lucky that he was still getting oxygen! He also had that fine hair that babies get when they've been in there too long. He was a full sized infant, but he was underweight, and people kept asking me if he was premature. He was in the isolette off and on his first couple of days, because he couldn't keep his body temp up-very little fat.

When my second son was estimated to arrive and didn't, I was induced a couple of days later. My doctor stopped arguing about when she thought my dates of conception were after my first son's birth (I have a third son, but he decided to enter the world 5 days before he was estimated to, so no discussion of induction was necessary).

Cleo07 Cleo07

Actually, babies tend to lose weight and grow longer as they pass the 42 week mark so it is not like everybody would have this happen. It's far more likely that this mom had undiagnosed gestational diabetes where the extra insulin the baby makes to deal with the higher sugar acts as a growth factor.

My mom carried me 45 weeks and I was 7 pounds even and super long.

Stashlee Stashlee

My Great Great Grandmother had 5 babies 13 lbs to 16 lbs naturally in Germany. My mom, and grandma were over 9 lbs and I was 10 lbs 6 oz and my brother was 9 lbs 10 oz. I was induced 10 due to my family history of big babies and my little guy was only 8 lbs 2 oz.

Katriena Young

My cousin was induced 2 weeks before her due and her baby was 12 pounds. So it can go eaither way I guess.

nonmember avatar Theresa Giroux

I went to 43 weeks exactly with my first, who was delivered via C-section, and was 9lb 7oz and 23 in long. I did not have gestational diabetes and she was and is incredibly healthy. I wanted to wait until she came on her own, but once I hit 43 weeks, I got nervous because the still birth rate does go up, and opted for a section. My doctor wanted to induce me at 41 weeks but it is my body, my baby and my choice. Doctors do not have the final say.

nonmember avatar Chelsey

I was 17 when I got pregnant and I had my daughter at 18 and I got induced by only because I was at high risk for still birth. If possible I will try to not get one with my next child, because I did not enjoy that experience AT ALL! But I'm so happy my daughter is here and doing well. 😊

nonmember avatar Laura

I was "over due"with my second. I had two biophysical profiles at the end. Baby was healthy and happy. For fun I asked the tech what the estimated weight was and her said 9.5-11#. My healthy baby boy was born at 43w 6d, weighing 8#. Babies WILL be born. If there is a complication induction is always an option.... but going past your due date isn't a complication. What would have happened if I had a 38 week induction, 6 weeks before babe was born?! Given the variation in size and weight with all babies, you can't tell me that they all require the exact same gestation period.

And this healthy baby was born at home in the water into the hands of a loving midwife.

Julia Saenz

I'll bet after his expected due date passed everyone kept asking the mom Wheres Waldo lol

Turtl... Turtledoves

I'm in PA and I went "a few weeks" overdue too. I went 2 weeks and 1 day and was induced because he still didn't want to come out. 

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