Mom Goes 'A Few Weeks' Past Due Date & Gives Birth to Huge Baby​

baby feetOhmahlord! A mother in Pennsylvania just gave birth to a 13-pound, 8 and 1/2-ounce baby. The not-so-little cutie, who was delivered via c-section, is doing fine and almost broke the state record for the biggest baby ever born! (There was someone bigger?!) The brave mama delivered her son, Waldo James Mysterious Dwyer, a few weeks after his due date.

A few weeks? Yowza! I'm kind of curious as to why this poor woman wasn't induced!


The Dwyers were told their baby would likely be 9 to 10 pounds when he was born, so they were fairly surprised when they learned that Waldo was almost a whopping 14 pounds! "He had a little extra time in there to cook, to grow. It seems as though he is so peaceful," mom Danielle said. And Waldo's dad, Brian, added, "When he came out, when the doctor pulled him out, on his shoulders, there were so many fat rolls, you couldn't tell where his armpits were!"

I'm all for letting labor and delivery come naturally. I wasn't induced with my first and have no plans to be with my second. But personal views aside, I'd be fairly concerned and likely ask my doctor about induction were I a few weeks past my due date. Technically speaking, I believe two weeks is the max any OBGYN would let a patient go past their due date before nudging things along, so waiting "a few" weeks, as Danielle did, isn't unheard of. But women should know that they have a right to speak up at that point, if they're not feeling comfortable with waiting that long. Danielle may have been completely fine with not being induced, but it's important for mamas-to-be to know that if they've gone a substantial amount of time past their date, and their doctor still isn't inducing, it's okay to say something.

Again, I'm not some staunch advocate of induction -- like I said, I wasn't induced myself -- but there is a point in which safety (and pain!) become a concern, and it's important for mothers to know that they're not in the wrong to speak up. Even if their views do differ from their doctors'. You're the mama.

Were you induced? Why or why not?


Image via Dean Johnson/Flickr

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