Woman Accidentally Gets Pregnant With Another Couple’s Twins

twinsPicture this. You're having trouble conceiving. You start undergoing fertility treatments. You finally get pregnant! You're happy. You're elated. You're going to be a mom! But then three months into your pregnancy, you find out that you were implanted with the wrong embryos. Oh, and P.S., you're pregnant with twins. You're pregnant with somebody else's twins.

Unfortunately, this isn't a hypothetical situation. It's a sad and confusing reality for one poor woman in Rome. At this point, there isn't a clear answer as to how exactly the mix-up happened, and USA Today reports that it's "unclear whether any other improper pregnancies resulted." The only information available now is that four couples received fertility treatments at the Sandro Pertini Hospital on December 4, and on March 27, Rome's health authorities learned that there was a "genetic incompatibility" between parents and embryos.

Bottom line: Somebody messed up, and then at the three-month mark, right when this woman likely started telling people she was pregnant, she found out the babies weren't hers. Awful.

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Knee-jerk reaction of OMG, how are mistakes made with something as important and serious as this aside, my thoughts immediately go to this woman. I can't imagine how she must be feeling right now. It's safe to assume that she had some sort of difficultly conceiving if she was receiving fertility treatments. For all we know, it could have taken this woman years to get pregnant. Then to find out that the babies she's carrying aren't in fact hers? It has to be so confusing for her to hear such news after experiencing the high of learning she was pregnant.

Any woman who has been pregnant can attest to the fact that they feel some sort of connection to the life they're growing inside of them, no matter how small -- even if only three months in. And of course, after giving birth, that connection is multiplied by the millions. I can't imagine this woman hasn't fallen a little in love with these babies ... but they're technically not hers. And what's the ethical thing to do here? "Return them" to their rightful owner? And if so, what if this was her only chance at getting pregnant? What if IVF, or whatever fertility treatments she used, don't work next time?

I'm sure there are plenty of women who have been "angry" at their pregnancies for a variety of reasons, particularly if they were unplanned. But this pregnancy was the opposite of that. It was very much planned and obviously very wanted. It's unfair that this woman would be given this news, which probably made her angry to some degree, right when she was in the midst of so much happiness and joy.

And she's still got six months to go. Heartbreaking.

What do you think this woman is feeling right now? How would you react if you were her?


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TheSi... TheSilence

Wow. First off I would find out who the bio parents of the twins is and would probably work on some agreement where they would carry my bio child so at least I would get a child out of this.

Secondly I would sue the pants off the fertility clinic.

Lilith23 Lilith23

Didn't the the woman who received her baby ended up misscarrying?!

Anyways i just hope no scandal like the original parents wants the twins back.

kayba... kaybayblee3

Why does this type of story keep happening? Is it that easy to mix up embryos?

Donna VanSchiack

Crazy!! That lady that is carrying those twins should be able to keep one of those babies or get a abortion. How can they tell if both twins belong to the other parents or how we know the women of the embryos couldn't carry those babies so the clinic planted it in some one who could

nonmember avatar Jessica

Umm, I don't think I could or would give the babies back. I'm not sure if there is a law about this or not, but aren't you legally the mother if you gave birth? Unless there is a signed surrogacy agreement? I'm pretty sure she didn't sign up for surrogacy. I'd keep the babies.

Victoria Gaunt

If this happened to me, and I had serious troubles getting pregnant and I am told I am pregnant with twins even though they belong to someone else, no chance in hell would I give them up. Just my opinion, but I would not give up the unborn twins.

Mom.4... Mom.4.JSP

If she does have to 'return them to their rightful owners' I would hope the clinic gives her free treatment until she has her own, and reimburses her all her money... . This is crazy. I could not even imagine.. . That poor woman.

thefi... thefiregoddess

I would deliver them. For the genetic parents if they wanted them and sue the shit out of the treatment center.

berit berit

Jessica-there is something like that here in the States but I have no clue about Italy. Totally awful situation for all involved, I hope they can find a way to make the best of it. I would also sue the clinic for everything I could get out of it, this is inexcusable.

nonmember avatar me

I dont think you can just keep them.. im sure the genetic parents have rights too, and law suits arent as rampant in other countries than they are in the u.s, although im pretty sure she would have a good case here.

What a horrible situation.

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