'Bachelorette' Ashley Hebert Shows Off Her Eye-Popping Baby Bump (PHOTO)

ashley hebert j.p. rosenbaum When season 7 Bachelorette Ashley Hebert and husband J.P. Rosenbaum first announced in late March that they're expecting a little bundle of joy in October, they held nothing back, appearing with Ashley's bare belly in full display on the cover of InTouch. Now Team Cupcake fans who are wondering how the reality star mama-to-be has been coming along in the weeks since don't have to wonder anymore!

Ashley snapped the most adorable selfie of her growing baby bump late last week. Check it out ...

As if the photo weren't adorable enough, how about her hashtags? Priceless. So apparently they know they aren't having twins, huh? (Or maybe she's dropping a hint!?) Either way, every woman gains weight and carries differently. Seems like, at three months in, Ashley's just popping on the earlier side. And as many of her commenters pointed out, the perfect bump suits her well -- especially in that gorgeous maxi dress. What a hot mama Ashley's turning out to be! But it's not as though Bachelor Nation didn't see that coming.

What do you think about Ashley's pregnant style? When did you "pop" with your first?


Image via Ashley Rosenbaum/Instagram

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Dee Newberry Hull


MiLinda Hand Evans

Cute Baby Bump and a beautiful mommy to be. Congrads to both Ashley and J P

Ellen Hawk Franklin

Congratulations! You look beautiful pregnant although you are beautiful not pregnant. Hope JP is all excited.pregnant belly

nonmember avatar karla Deal

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you both!! You look beautiful!!

Ann Morris

U will look cute in maternity clothes!! Don't forget to always put your feet up!!!

Congratulations too!!!

nonmember avatar me

Looks like she finally got boobs too. And thats with all kindness. I got small boobs too and was so excited to experience bigger ones while pregnant but sadly mine never went up to the next cupsize... oh well lol shes looking very cute

nonmember avatar Angela

She looks so cute! They are the only couple from the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise that I like. They actually seem to love each other and have real goals in life other than cashing in on their reality TV 15 minutes of fame. Babies are wonderful and your first pregnancy is such a fun and exciting time! Enjoy!

Elizabeth Nazarchyk

I said the same comment about the boobs, lol. She looks very cute pregnant. 


Mary Grasso

love Ashley and JP. prayers for a happy healthy pregnancy:)

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