Mila Kunis Shows Off Her Baby Bump at the MTV Movie Awards (PHOTO)

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mtv movie awards mila kunis pregnantAlthough she has yet to officially confirm her pregnancy, Mila Kunis showed off her growing baby bump at the MTV Movie Awards in a flowy black dress. Kunis accepted the award for Best Villain in Oz the Great and Powerful, and the mom-to-be was positively glowing when she claimed her golden popcorn statuette.

Her fiance, Ashton Kutcher, was absent from the festivities, but Mila was accompanied by her future babe.

How adorable is she? Check her out:

mila kunis baby bump mtv movie awards

There's definitely an itty-bitty bump happening right there. And don't think we missed that massive engagement ring either, Mila. That sparkler almost, maybe, possibly detracts our attention from that preggers belly.

Well, almost. Congrats Mila! On the bump and the award!

How adorable is Mila looking? How did you hide your belly before you announced your pregnancy?


Image via Michael Buckner/Getty

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nonmember avatar Shayla

She's already confirmed her pregnancy.

ninag... ninag1980

All I kept thinking last night is how awkward I would feel walking by all those people who could quite literally see up her skirt. They were all below her looking up. Weird

rfhsure rfhsure

She's a beautiful woman, but that dress is awful. Very unflattering. A full length gown would have done her band here bump great justice! She still looks gorgeous though.

Megan Gehrman

I think its great for her and Ashton, they are such a cute couple but I heard this pregnancy thing weeks ago so I believe its already been confirmed. As for the dress I don't care for it, I think for her body she could've done better even if she was trying to hide the baby bump

nonmember avatar Emmie

She looks cute. I had complications with my second, so I was in hoodies with my hands in the pockets until about 24 weeks. Apparently everyone could tell, but didn't say anything because I hadn't yet. Guess it didn't work.

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