Mom- and Dad-to-Be Use IVF to 'Custom Design' Their Twins

joe francisGirls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis and his 26-year-old girlfriend, Abbey Wilson, are expecting their first children. I say children because, yes, Abbey is pregnant with twins. According to reports, Francis and Wilson opted to get pregnant via IVF because they wanted to be able to choose the sex of their baby: They're having girls. Francis said, "We chose to have girls. I believe people will finally understand my love, respect, and admiration for women. I love girls." Oh. Okay.

Thus far, there had been no indication that Wilson wasn't able to have children naturally; the couple simply wanted healthy babies that were female. "We both wanted girls and we wanted them to be healthy and free of genetic diseases so we chose to do IVF," Wilson told Us Weekly.

Of course, it's no one's business if Wilson, or Francis, are unable to have children; they certainly don't have to tell us. But if they were perfectly capable of having kids, is it a little strange that they sort of "custom-designed" their kids?

Part of the joy and learning experience of parenthood comes shortly after getting pregnant, when you realize your baby-to-be is nothing like you imagined. I was convinced I was going to have a boy until my anatomy scan told me otherwise -- and it was right then and there that I realized I'm in for a lifetime of surprises from my child. And I like it that way. (And of course there are those incredibly patient people who wait to see what they're having [how do you do that?!], who get the ultimate surprise.)

By no means am I saying that Joe and Abbey won't be good parents. But I do think it's a little strange to pick the sex of your child if you're perfectly capable of having a baby naturally. In a way, that means right from the get-go, they're setting an "expectation" for their kids. They want girls, assumingly, "traditional" girls. What if their kids like trucks? Or blue? Or army figurines that make explosion sounds? That probably won't be in line with their vision of what a "girl" is. I'm assuming -- gosh, I hope -- that they'll love them regardless. Just like they'd love a boy. And that's the beauty of parenthood: It's unconditional love.

I'm all about improving science and medicine in order to give expecting mothers and babies the best possible care they can get. But I'm not gonna lie. I kind of hope "customized babies" don't become a thing. Something about it, particularly if you're otherwise healthy, seems so out of line with everything (I think) I know about being a parent.

Would you pick the sex of your baby if you could?


Image via Joe Francis/Instagram

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Alisha Haskett

I am more concerned about what he said in an interview that I read yesterday. They chose girls because he wants to "prove his respect for females" or some horse crap like that. I saw him on Couples Therapy. I know it's probably staged, to a point, but he was a douche. 

Snapp... SnappleQueen

I wouldn't believe a word that rolled out of that man's mouth.

miche... micheledo

Quote: Francis said, "We chose to have girls. I believe people will finally understand my love, respect, and admiration for women. I love girls."


Does that creep anyone else out?? Especially since his industry/career  is based on young (though not legally young) women?

sea-soul sea-soul

Totally creepy micheledo!!

kayba... kaybayblee3

Wow. I thought couples therapy would make me see a different side of him than what I read in articles. Yeaaah not so much, and this chosing IVF just to get the gender and way that they want makes him even more creepy in my eyes

tbruc... tbrucemom

I had a friend that had her husband's sperm "spun" and was artificially inseminated to guarantee they had a boy. They had a girl and he had a girl from a previous marriage. They wanted to make sure if they had a third child that it was because they wanted a third child and not doing it just to have a boy (in case the second was a girl). She had a boy and then got pregnant with twin girls the third time. I thought it was strange until she explained it like that. However, in this case I think it's him being a creep and I'm sorry call me old fashioned but to go to so much trouble to have a baby and not even be married is not OK.

nonmember avatar Cool

Joe Francis is textbook masochist. There's an article floating around on the Internet about a female reporter that got assaulted by Joe Francis. I hope someone cares enough to keep an eye on the girls.

youth... youthfulsoul

You'd think since they're going through all this trouble to customize their kids, the least he could do is marry the poor girl

LeeshaE LeeshaE

He is such a creep. I cannot help of thing of Hilter and Mengele when it comes to messing with genetics, I completely disagree with "custom ordered" babies.

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