What Losing the Baby Weight Really Does to You (GIFS)


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Bringing home a newborn baby comes with plenty of challenges, but let's be honest -- one of the biggest things moms struggle with is trying to take off pregnancy pounds.

To put it simply -- losing baby weight is a total bitch and a half. I mean, is there anything worse than finally having your body back after nine months, but not really having it back?

The journey back to your pre-preggo size has got to be one of the biggest emotional roller coasters a woman can ever go through. And it goes a little somethin' like this.

You pack your skinny jeans in your hospital bag because duh -- you're "all baby" and they're SO going to fit again the minute you pop out this kid. You're gonna be the "hot" mom.

Emma Stone

You're two days postpartum. It's go time. You grab those suckers out of your bag to change for the ride home. But then you're all sorts of shocked when they won't go over your knees and you burst into tears.

Meg Ryan

You finally calm down and pull yourself together, put on your sweats, and tell yourself you need to cut yourself some slack. After all, you JUST had a baby.

Tina Fey

After about four weeks of sulking around in your yoga pants, you sort of start feeling like yourself again. You decide to step on the scale just for shits and giggles. It promptly reminds you what a fat ass you are and you go into a fit of rage.

Kristen Wiig

Then the magic six-week mark hits and you can finally hit the gym again. Suddenly you transform into Jillian Michaels. Watch out bitches!!

Jillian Michaels

A few more weeks pass. You're feeling good. You've been busting your ass with workouts and eating right and you figure it's time to treat yourself to a little shopping spree. So you walk into your favorite store and grab a couple pairs of pants in your "normal" size. But much to your horror -- they don't fit.

Rachel McAdams
You leave the store in tears and vow not to return until you've lost every last ounce. And then you go home and start frantically researching the latest fad diets online. Something's gotta give here.

Jim Carey

But then after a few weeks of alternating a juice cleanse, eliminating gluten from your diet, and counting calories -- you realize there really are more important things to worry about than the size of your ass. Like the fact that you have a brand new baby. You gaze over at him adoringly and vow to cut yourself some slack and follow an "everything in moderation" and regular workout type of plan.

Tangled Gif

And then a couple months later, you decide to pull out those skinny jeans again on a whim. And YESSSSSS!!! They zip!! You do a major happy dance. (And decide to enjoy a pint of ice cream and skip the gym the next day. You've earned it.)

Katherine Heigl

How has your baby weight loss journey been thus far?


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hello... hellokd87

Body wise, just about everything fits the way it did before. Weight wise, I still have those last 10 lbs I need to lose from the pregnancy weight gain.

nonmember avatar Janie

First time it took two bloody years to lose most of it. Never got below 126 (was 110 prebaby). Second time boom 7weeks and down to 126 by 4month pp I was 118. Then shit happened and I began gaining weight and nothing I did stopped it from piling on. A year after I gained a whopping 60lbs. Not cool. So now I'm starting over.

nonmember avatar Laurie

I lost weight while I was pregnant due to morning sickness and gallbladder. I'm not a small woman so I was excited. I had no ambitions but surviving on little to no sleep so fitting into my pre pregnancy clothes again was a total bonus. 6 months PP and down a few more so kinda nice.

Mommy... MommyO2-6631

I don't want to talk about it...

amand... amandaleebee

I weigh less at 5.5 months pregnant with my second then I did pre-pregnancy with my first. It actually was all baby for me. I'm super lucky I know.

Jamie Creasey

I hate all of you lol.....two babies, youngest is now turning two next month, and I still have 20lbs to lose to get to her pre-pregnancy weight, and 40lbs to lose to get to my pre-BABIES weight. Ugh..............Finished Insanity workouts and loved them...off to the next thing and next diet.

Momme... MommeeTo4

I carry all baby so within a few weeks I'm back down pre pregnancy weight

nonmember avatar Kristen

It took me 2.5 years to get back down to pre baby size but still had sit 10 offer so pounds to lose. I had JUST gotten to where I needed to lose a few more tedious pounds when I found out I was expecting number 2. She's 5 months now and I weigh 4 lbs more than pre baby weight 5 years ago. Breastfeeding is AMAZING!!!! I gained 65 with my first and 55 with second.

nonmember avatar Madio

It's going slow, but I guess that's okay because it'll stay off. before I could lose weight really fast. I wonder why it's so different now?

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