Snooki Debuts Her 'Awkward' Baby Bump (PHOTO)

snookiShortly after announcing that she's pregnant with her second child, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi debuted her baby bump. The pint-sized reality star, who's due in the fall, showed off her itty bitty pregnant stomach at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards press junket in L.A. on Thursday. Snooki glowed in her jeans, heels, blazer, and fitted shirt.

I've gotta say, I'm both pleased and impressed to see Snooki wearing tight clothes and showing off her bump this early in the game. If my calculations are correct, she and I are around the same point in our pregnancies right now -- and it's still nothing but baggy shirts and loose-fitting clothing for me.


The early stages of pregnancy are a weird time, body-wise. Typically, women don't look pregnant during the first and beginning of the second trimesters. Of course, there are physical changes going on -- bigger boobs (woo-hoo!); a little pooch; and some weight gain -- but nothing that screams, "I'm with-child!" So, a dilemma at that point often is: To disguise it or hide it?

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With my last pregnancy, I "hid" it, for lack of a better word, until I had a proper bump and will probably do the same this time around. It isn't that I'm ashamed of my body, it's just that I feel more comfortable in loose-fitting clothing when my belly is at that awkward are-you-pregnant-or-did-you-just-eat-a-giant-burrito stage (and to be honest, I like looser-fitting clothing in general). Again, Snooki looks fantastic, but truth be told: If I didn't know her and sat next to her on the train, I never in a million years would assume that she's pregnant. I'd just figure that was her body.

Things, of course, are a little different with the second pregnancy, as women usually start to show earlier (I have a tiny bump now at almost 15 weeks, which was not there last time). I'm under the impression that in a month or two, both Snooki and I -- and any other second-time pregnant mamas who are due around the same time -- will be able to accentuate our bumps, and there won't be any question as to whether we just ate Chipotle or not.

And that's pretty exciting.

When do you start to show? Do you "show off" your baby bump right away?


Image via Michael Buckner/Getty

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Em Chappell-Root

Snooki is also like under 5 feet tall and weighted like 100lbs, so a pregnancy is going to show sooner on her because she has no where to grow up out. Meanwhile, I'm 6 feet tall, and if I didn't tell people they normally didn't know I was pregnant. We actually didnt' tell anyone until like 26 weeks with our last pregnancy, and I wonder if I could have kept the secret longer. 

JessL... JessLogansMommy

It has nothing to do with body size, its all about how wide your pelvis is and how your uterus sits.  With my first by 10 weeks I was having a hard time hiding it and I "popped" by 14 weeks.  With my second by 7 weeks my clothes didn't fit.  I'm 5'7 so i should have had a little more room to hide it but nope.  The plus side was I started feeling the babies move early because of it.  

hello... hellokd87

I agree with JessLogansMommy. I have huge hips & I didn't show until I was 32 weeks!! I went throughout practically my entire pregnancy wearing the same clothes I did before. My co workers would look at me & say "I can't believe you're 30 weeks! Where is he hiding?!" Even at that, when I was 9 mos pregnant people thought I was 5 mos. he just had a lot of space to hide within my hips I supposed.

nonmember avatar CALMRmom

It's not your hips either. It's just an individual thing. I am 5'9" and do not have hips. I'm slim (size 6), 140lbs (prepregnancy) and athletic and shaped less like a woman or mom and more like a teenage boy. I do not show early. Ever. I'm currently pregnant with my 6th and it wasn't until around 24 weeks my coworkers noticed. Same with all my others. I'm easily half way done with my pregnancies before it's noticeable and I don't wear super loose clothing. Mostly fitted, actually. I even wear my regular jeans my entire pregnancies. I'm 29 weeks now and am even still wearing my belt on my jeans. I also have both boys and girls so that doesn't make a difference either.

nonmember avatar natalie

i hid my bump because i was living far away from my hometown wheere no body know me. I had a,baby girl and gained weight every where. I didn't look pregnant at all. and now that i am fifteen pounds lighter than i was when i got pregnant people can't believe i ever had a baby to begin with! lol

Austi... Austinsmommy12

CALMRmom is like me. I'm 5'7" and average athletic build (160/size 8) and while I show rather early, I never get big. At 9 months I look like the average 5-6 month pregnant woman. I gain absolutely nothing anywhere except belly, especially this time around. 35 weeks and 5 days, and can still wear my pre pregnancy pants (though they are getting tighter at the waist now). I have absolutely no hips or butt though, so I know that theory can't be correct. My doctor told me it was uterine placement in the body and the baby's position within it. Whether the egg implanted farther back towards your back or close up front where you show quicker/more.

esfcat esfcat

Never mind the bump, her hips, her height and all that crap.. Where did she get that hair color....I LOVE IT!!!!!! Her hair cut and color are fantastic. She looks great. 

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

With my first (average frame build weight etc) I could wear my normal clothes till I was about 22 weeks. Then I popped and was in maternity. With my 2nd (again at average weight) I was showing by 13 weeks lol. It just depends. All pregnancies are different.

nonmember avatar Lolli

She is so damn ugly now that she is as skinny as a stick! she was very pretty with SOME weight....yuck. Now she looks like EVERYONE else in Hollywood.... they all share the same plastic surgeon.... GROOSSSS

Cher5... Cher5555953

I hate this article! Why do women and moms talk like this about other women and moms. Why does it have to be "she looks great BUT to be honest ....I'd think that was her body". What a horrible back biting comment even the title Akward Baby Bump is insulting. She looked very cute and if that was her "real" body she still looks amazing! 

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