10 Strange & Unrealistic Stock Photos of Pregnant Women

10 Strange & Unrealistic Stock Photos of Pregnant Women

pregnancyPregnancy is such a beautiful moment in time that we can't help but document it with photos. Lots and lots of photos. Many of us took the classic "holding/looking down at my baby bump" pics; some of us may have even gotten professional photos done. Aw. But no photos -- and I mean no photos -- can rival the incredibly weird pregnancy stock photos that are found on the Internet.

Ladies, you would never in a million years take these pics of yourself whilst pregnant, nor would you ever find yourself in these situations that are just plain odd.

Here are 10 of the strangest, most unrealistic pregnancy photos. Enjoy!

Image via Birgid Allig/Corbis

  • Busted!


    Justin Paget/Corbis

    Uh-oh! I was caught eating chocolate on the floor with my shirt up again. And you know me, I don't just eat chocolate like a normal person. I'm a crazy pregnant lady, so I smear it all over my face, too!

  • Ew, Strawberries!


    Wavebreak Media Ltd/Veer/Corbis

    Yuck! Why are you making me eat this strawberry? It's so gross! Okay, fine, I'll pose for the picture you always wanted of me eating a strawberry with my shirt up while pregnant, but I'm only sticking a teeny-tiny part of the very end in my mouth. That's where I draw the line.

  • Is She Alive?


    Curi Hyvrard/Corbis

    Baths are great when pregnant, but, um, is this woman alive? I've never seen a person soak in a tub like this, and she looks like she might be asleep with her face half-underwater. Seems kinda dangerous, no?

  • Just ... No


    Heide Benser/Corbis

    Just two shirtless people hanging out in jeans. No.

  • I Quit!


    Wavebreak Media Ltd/Veer/Corbis

    Okay, fine, I'll stop smoking. But only if you document the moment I quit. Ready? One ... two ... three ... Snap!

    Okay, now I kinda want a cigarette. Think one would matter?

  • Step Away From the Power Drill


    Henglein and Steets/cultura/Corbis

    Not quite sure what this woman is planning on doing with that drill, but let's all hope it has nothing to do with breaking her own water.


  • Just Vacuuming the Grass


    Radius Images/Corbis

    There's pregnancy brain, and then there's vacuuming your lawn. Side note: Why does every pregnant woman have her shirt pulled up?!!!

  • Womp Womp


    Tomas Rodriguez/Corbis

    Yeah, my birth control was expired. So what?

  • The Classic


    Birgid Allig/Corbis

    Man, if I had a nickel for every time I found myself in a towel by a lake with an umbrella when I was pregnant ...

  • The I Don't Know What the Hell This Is


    Caterina Bernardi/Corbis

    Nudity is natural. Not natural? That position on that weird chair.

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