Most Popular Baby Boy Names Have 1 Thing in Common

baby boy names end nWhat do the names Ryan, Finn, Aiden, Mason, and Ethan have in common? Well, apart from being some of the most popular boy names of all time, and of the past year, they all end with the letter 'n.'

Plus, it sounds like a roster of the average American classroom at the moment. Thanks to a handy gif from, we can now visually see the absolutely meteoric rise of boys' names ending in 'n' from the past several decades.


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Starting in the early 1970s, the trend totally took off. Think about it. How many Bens, Kevins, Stevens, and Brendans do you know? Probably enough to make sense of the rapidly rising style.

And now, with the recent rise of names like Mason (thanks, Kourtney!) and Aiden, the style is still going strong long after it began.

What are your thoughts? Do you have boys with names that end in 'n'?


Image via cyron/Flickr

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