Snooki Defends Her Right to Take Pregnancy Parking Space

snooki selfie in the car instagramNo matter what she does, Snooki can't seem to help but create controversy. The reality star, who recently went public with her second pregnancy, shared a seemingly innocent photo on Instagram yesterday of a pregnancy parking space she had just pulled into. The caption read, "I feel special again." But instead of applaud the sweet sentiment, several of Snooki's followers took issue with the fit mama's decision to snag the stork spot

Refusing to take it lying down, the celeb mama fought back, calling out one commenter in particular.


Snooki posted the comment from Instagram user xoxoamandaburnett, which read, "So you can work out but walking 30 more feet would kill you? Shame. Shame." Then, the MTV star, also known more recently for posting photos and videos of tough training sessions at the gym, responded:

Totally not singling you out Manderz, since you're not the only one saying this. (But I kind of am) ....I parked in the stork section at babies r us because I am expecting. I got excited to park there again. I went to the store tonight at 7pm, where there were only 5 cars in the parking lot so I am sure I wasn't putting any further along pregnant women in harms way. I didn't park in the spot because "I'm lazy", I parked because I'm excited to be pregnant again, lighten up people. Always see a problem in EVERYTHING I post. I'll never get it. God bless. And I'll be sure to park my pregnant ass in the last parking spot or the parking lot and post a picture to satisfy you.

HA, bravo, Snooki!

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While pregnancy parking itself has been a controversial topic, which pregnant women should be able to use the spots isn't often a subject of debate. Is it enough to have simply seen a clear blue line on a stick, or do you have to be a full-on, third trimester waddler to take advantage? Compounding the issue: Do we really want to say that only unfit, health-challenged moms-to-be are allowed to park there? That fit pregnant chicks who do surf or run marathons up until their due date should be barred? Really, how many asterisks do we want to tack onto those "Stork Parking" signs?

The bottom-line is that these spaces are meant for pregnant women -- period. Not any particular type of pregnant woman, at any particular point in her pregnancy, or someone with a doctor's note. I'm sure Snooki isn't alone in parking there only because it makes her feel special, and more power to her for doing so! Really, there are too few pleasures and privileges granted to pregnant women for us to start nitpicking at the ones society will make room for. Give an expectant mama a break!

What do you think about the backlash against Snooki taking a stork spot? Do you agree with her or the commenter?


Image via Snooki/Instagram

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