Holidays: Would You Be Induced Early So You Could Celebrate?

induction induced holidays

Photo by LuvMyPickles

I read an interesting holiday-related post in Pregnancy. xxAidensMommyxx said she was out shopping around Thanksgiving and a clerk suggested she get induced a little early so she wouldn't be inconvenienced by missing the holiday -- and the clerk volunteered that her sister had been induced so she wouldn't miss the fun of Christmas.

xxAidensMommyxx wasn't interested in the idea of an early induction -- but the post did spark some discussion about when a baby is considered full term. And moms had plenty to say about strangers sharing their opinions.


First, the full term issue. According to Dr. Eva Pressman, Director of Obstetrics and Maternal Fetal Medicine at the University of Rochester, there are "different definitions of 'term' for different situations." In general, though, "infants born at the start of the 37th week or later are considered full term. 'Elective' or 'social' inductions done for the convenience of the patient or the doctor should not be done before 39 weeks."

As for what the moms had to say -- everyone agreed it was super-annoying when other people try to force their opinions on you, and the consensus was largely that if a baby shows up during the holidays, then so be it. But several moms did know women who elected to be induced so they wouldn't miss a holiday.

What about you? What do you think about elective inductions? Selfish, or not that big a deal?

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