How to Make a Baby Shower Fruit Basket in 4 Simple Steps (VIDEO)

fruit baby saladIf you're planning on hosting a baby shower, there is one adorable showstopper of a dish you have to make. No, it's not a freaky baby cake. It's a baby shower fruit salad: A feast of fruit inside a watermelon carved to look like a bassinet, with an orange or grapefruit rind made to look like the baby's face. You can see in the photo here it's an adorably funny idea. And like any fruit salad, you can definitely put your own spin on it. Here are the basics on how to make a baby shower fruit basket.


1. Start by carving out the watermelon. Here's a video tutorial. Even if you want a slightly different look for your basket, this has some essential tips that will save you a lot of grief if you follow them.

2. Chop fruit. Now you've got a lot of watermelon! Chop that along with any other fruit you'd like into bite-sized pieces. Keep in mind, a salad will look better and be easier to eat if you can keep all the pieces around the same size. A few suggestions: Pineapple, mango, papaya, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, honeydew. In the photo above, you'll see gorgeous black and white dragon fruit, which looks fantastic.

3. Make the face. Cut a grapefruit or large orange in half and then peel. Cut the fruit to add to the salad if you want. Nestle the rind into one end of the basket and attach a berry for each eye and a strawberry or raspberry for the nose or mouth using toothpicks. I like the idea of adding a new, clean pacifier where the mouth should be.

4. Add the wheels. Totally optional, but I've seen cross-slices of oranges and kiwi fruit used as wheels.

And you're done! Enjoy your sweet fruit baby.

Have you ever seen a fruit baby basket at a shower?


Image via samweby/Instagram

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