23 Baby Names That Will Make Your Kid Cool

I like names. Oh. Names. My name is Hunter. H-u-n-t-e-r Johan. But where did I get that name? Oooh. You gave it to me, Mommy. There is another Hunter, too. But it's my name. *Points to sister* Her name is Penelope but you call her Pippi sometimes. Or Bunny. Ryan calls her Peanut. She's my sister. P-e-n-e-l-o-p-e Jolene. You gave her that name, too, Mommy?

Names. We all have them. I like them. These are the names I like. These are the names that the cool kids have. They make them cool. Yeah.

  1. Super
  2. Pippi
  3. Peanut
  4. Awesome
  5. Danny
  6. Sophia
  7. Harper
  8. Sydnie
  9. Diane
  10. Ryan
  11. Captain America
  12. Peter Parker
  13. Spider-Man
  14. Jack Sparrow
  15. Zinnia
  16. Clementine
  17. Lucas
  18. Malak
  19. Oona
  20. Callie
  21. Rainbow Dash
  22. Juniper
  23. Sia

Which names are your favorite? What names would your kid think are the coolest?

Image (and child) via Michele Zipp

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nonmember avatar Alejandra ceja

My daughter definitely wants rainbowdash for her little sister

khs09... khs09vallan

My ex wanted us to name our daughter peter Parker if she was a boy. Thank goodness she's a girl :)

nonmember avatar Sam

Oh Lord. If my goddaughter got to choose the name of her next little brother or sister she would choose Elsa or Olaf. Kids are hilarious.

Saskia Hehemann

I heard a mother calling her daughter Pocahontas. I HOPE it's just a pet-name but I'm afraid it's her real name :-o

Pam.N.42 Pam.N.42

My daughter Ingrid has a good friend named PrincessCoco, like one name. Apparently mom let the older two kids name her, its a little odd but she makes it work.

coffe... coffeeizmydrug

I love you H-U-N-T-E-R Johan! Great job on this article! "Awesome" would be an AWESOME name.

"Hi! I'm Awesome! Do you want to play?"   VER-R-R-R-RY cool! ;-)

Also, congratulations on pooping on the potty. That is very awesome too!

P.S. You have an AWESOME MoMMy and Sister!  

toddler boy

virgo... virgoariesmama

If my oldest dd had her way my youngest dd's name would be flower pot

nonmember avatar Jolene

I'm a Jolene:)

nonmember avatar K

If this isn't an April Fool's joke, it should be. Except #20 because it's my daughter's nickname (Cali, short for Calista). That one is awesome :-).

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