The Rudest Baby Shower Behavior We've Seen From Pregnant Moms (VIDEO)

pregnant womanDid you hear about this baby shower note that's gone viral? Apparently an expecting mom sent her friend a rude but rhyming note after she failed to show up for her shower, or even send a gift. You have to hear it to believe it -- and maybe then you still won't believe it, because it's so outrageously impertinent it has to be a hoax, right? Or ... maybe it's the real deal.

At any rate, Bridezillas aren't the only ones to turn a party into a nightmare. Introducing the Baby Showerzilla -- the woman who terrorizes her baby shower guests with her outrageous demands and behavior. Here's some of the worst real-life examples women have ever seen.

1. It's generally considered unusual for a woman to have a shower for her second baby, especially if the baby is of the same gender. One woman had a second-baby shower and requested cash only instead of gifts.

2. Some women report friendships ending because they did not buy a friend a big-ticket item from their registry.

3. I guess a pregnant woman can be forgiven for showing up for her own shower late -- but an hour and a half late? One pregnant woman did just that, and immediately set about opening the gifts without even greeting her guests. She left immediately after to attend another, concurrent shower in her honor. Oh yeah, and she never sent thank-you notes.

4. One woman says, "I bought a woman a belly band (as well as other things for her and baby) because I knew she was having a scheduled C-section and I know it helped me wonders when I had one. She threw a fit about it. Something about it being the same as calling her fat."

5. A demanding mom-to-be requested that all clothing and toys be from specific brands. Any gifts from other brands were promptly returned to the offending party guest -- at the shower!

6. One woman's sister-in-law asked her for an expensive travel system as her gift, even though the mom-to-be already had a stroller set. This request was ignored, and the woman bought some other nice gifts instead. When the expecting sister-in-law found out the morning of the shower she threw a screaming fit, called her sister-in-law a c***, and kicked her out of her home.

7. After receiving a generous bundle of gifts from a woman who couldn't attend a shower because of her own high-risk pregnancy, one ungrateful pregnant woman demanded receipts for the gifts, saying, "If you can't bother to come to my shower, I don't want your s**!!!" She was serious about getting those receipts to keep the cash for herself, by the way.

8. Another ungrateful shower recipient threw every package of diapers she received behind her, saying "geez, more diapers!" Hopefully she appreciated all those boring diapers when she went through them all in about a week's time.

What's the rudest thing you ever saw a pregnant woman do at her shower?


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CLM3345 CLM3345

What bitches! Hormones are not an excuse for any of the women. I'm so grateful to have sweet, appreciative friends who would never behave like this.


Wow that's some craziness! Luckily I've never experienced anything like that. I'd just take the gift and return it, then never talk to the ungrateful bitch again. Who would want to be around someone who acts that way? And anyone who requested some ridiculousness wouldn't be getting a gift from me. I'm not a big fan of baby showers in the first place. If you only want some high dollar shit, buy it yourself.

nonmember avatar Brena

I'm just greatful I'm getting a shower this time! I didn't get one with my first. But trust me, I'm greatful for all of the baby stuffs!!!

nonmember avatar Meg

I read these stories and can't help but wonder what went so wrong with their upbringing that makes them think this behavior is ok. My parents taught me early on to be grateful for whatever gifts I am given.
Honestly the stories sound like the women are acting like toddlers.

nonmember avatar Madani

I think the mother was within her rights to ask for a gift. Having a baby is special and unique and everyone should be grateful she's having a baby because she's bringing another soul on the earth! That's a big deal! And after all she's going through you can't even give her a gift? That's wrong. Does no one cherish life, and realize it's a gift in itself that's she's giving the world?

youth... youthfulsoul

I think every baby deserves to be celebrated with a baby shower. I do agree though that requesting cash is rude. It's one thing if someone wants to give you cash, it's quite another to request it, or demand any specific gift, as a matter of fact.

AliPa... AliParker

Madani, are you one of the woman that was on the list for obnoxious behavior? While having a child is a great thing, bluntly, no one else cares. To expect a gift is ridiculous. It's (usually) a choice being made by the man and woman. Are they calling all of their friends and family before trying to conceive to make sure they're alright with it as well? No.

And I agree with above posters. What did these women's parents do so wrong? I am always great flu for gifts my kids and I receive. Even if it's not something I would love, someone took their time and money and thought if you. It's sad to be anything other than grateful.

AliPa... AliParker

I have a few typos in my post... Oops...

nonmember avatar Mon

Don't even get me started on showers! Sorry but it's not some joyous thing cause a guy finished in you.. no one deserves/ needs a shower. If you can't buy stuff with the 9 months notice you have then how are you going to afford that baby of yours. I never had one with either kid and if someone sends me an invite I just trash it.

I also work retail and it just sickens me how much stuff is returned. Some women don't even have the damn decency to take the wrapping paper off before returning it.. have some damn manners and keep the stuff someone waste money on to give you. Even if you get doubles. Babies make messes and you can't have too many onsies.

nonmember avatar courtney

I'm pregnant with my first, and I really don't want a shower even tthough my family insists on throwing me one. I'm super grateful and happy people want to celebrate my child, but I feel weird about registering for and expecting gifts. I didn't have a wedding shower either for the same of my best friends got married at the same time and pretty much begged for high end gifts and that sort of left a bad taste in my mouth. Also, another one of my friends had 4 boys in 5 years and had a shower for each. I guess it just depends on the person.

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