'Judgy Fetus' Twitter Feed Tells Pregnant Moms Everything They're Doing Wrong

Adriana Velez LOL

fetusIs the fetus growing in your uterus judging you? Don't bother thinking about the answer. I'll just tell you: The answer is yes, and I have proof. Your fetus has been tweeting about every single thing you do wrong. Or someone's fetus is -- the newest fake Twitter handle is @JudgyFetus, and it's exactly what it sounds like. Someone is pretending to be a fetus, judging its pregnant mother for everything she does. Whoa mamas, is your inner critic this harsh? I'll say this much: The development of Judgy Fetus' sense of humor is astoundingly advanced.

Here's what happens when you indulge in the wrong pregnancy craving. Come on, just one?

All I can say is, Judgy Fetus better get used to the sound of Chris Harrison's voice. Besides, we're learning about relationships -- right?

Amazingly he/she has found a way to ruin brunch even before his/her arrival.

Not just judgy about your health -- there's also your style. Or lack thereof.

Judgy Fetus thinks you're already flunking Attachment Parenting 101.

Okay, now he/she is just hitting below the belly band!

Did you have a "judgy" voice like this one in your head during your pregnancy?


Image via Nucleus Medical Media/Visuals Unlimited/Corbis

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