Accidental Home Birth Allows Mom to Have Easiest Experience

home birthOne of the biggest things that holds us back from so many things in life is fear. And fear during pregnancy, specifically during labor, can create a whole host of issues. But for pregnant moms, fear is a huge part of birth -- it's an unknown and experiencing something for the first time often comes with fear. Even if it's a second or third birth -- each time it's new. To ease that fear we educate ourselves, talk to other mothers, try to figure out ways not to be scared of childbirth. Another thing we should all do is read stories of mothers having accidental home births.

Moms are able to turn off fear in these scenarios because birth becomes what has to be done without any doctors and nurses swarming around checking vitals every few minutes. This mom's accidental home birth should serve as inspiration to us all. 

Katherine Arthur of Laguna Niguel in California knew she wanted a natural birth, but she didn't expect it to be at home. She and her husband Keith were on their way to the hospital but only made it to the garage when her water broke. She realized quickly that they weren't going anywhere -- that the pressure was too great. Katherine is a mom of three, so she knows about the pressure. Baby number four was going to be delivered right in the family home.

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They went to the bathroom and Keith got blankets and pillows to make Katherine comfortable. Keith called 911 and the dispatcher Brodie Lefebvre helped over the phone. Everyone stayed calm. Baby Colette was born a short time later.

Katherine admits that she had studied hypnobirthing -- a meditation practice I really believe in and feel is responsible for many women staying calm and having a better birth. She said, "I was just able to turn off my fear. This was my easiest birth."

We all need to figure out how we can turn off our own fears.

Do you fear birth? What helps you stay calm when thinking of it? What has helped you be calm during labor?


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nonmember avatar Meg

I am pregnant with my first. Honestly I've had to STOP talking to other moms because their stories were making me afraid.

caleb... calebsmama12312

@Meg I completely understand! When I was pregnant everyone wanted to share horror stories with me. Every birth is completely different. Good luck!

stace... stacey541

So sad that women will tell horror stories to see pregnant women squirm.I purposely only shared the not pleasant stuff with people that were already moms. Pregnant women only got the nice, non scary stuff.

Choco... Chocodoxies

Meg, I had every scary story shared with me and then went on to have the most chill birth ever. Everyone told me it was a fluke, that birth is INSANELY painful and that I just got lucky. Then my second was born and it was even more chill than the first. Now everyone is mad that I don't scare soon to be mom's with my horrifyingly easy peasy birth stories. 

If you want a solid piece of advice, here it is: go limp with each contraction. Tensing up makes the pain heighten and going limp makes it SO simple. I got that advice from a nurse in triage and I'm so happy I met her. Congrats on your first! 

cherylam cherylam

Meg: first if all, congratulations! A child's birth is to be celebrated. Giving birth is something we, as women, are built for! Childbirth is always easy, but it's so worth it! Let your body do the work, don't fear it, and it'll be fine! Chocodoxies is right...relax, relax & relax. You're going to do fantastic!

Lucki... Luckicharmz

I definitely got told my fair share of nightmare stories, so instead of doing the same to other women I told them everyone has different experiences and you can't judge labor /delivery by any one persons account.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Stop listening to other people (particularly Stir bloggers) and trust yourself. 

nonmember avatar Sunny

Congrats Meg! I have two children and two totally different birthing experiences. I wish I had paid more attention to both the good and the horror stories. My first born came rather easily and everything was picture perfect. I was not prepared in any way, mentally or otherwise for my second. Had I educated myself ahead of time it would have helped. Unexpected things happen and it pays to be prepared. I agree with the ladies that said to relax and keep thinking about seeing your precious baby. I am pretty sure that that is the only reason that I am alive today because my uterus ruptured, then a emergency section leading to a hysterectomy. They lost me and revived me four times and the baby twice. I was so relaxed that I never had much discomfort and I really think that being focused on the excitement and looking forward to seeing my baby gave me the strength and will to fight for my life. I don't think that people tell "horror stories" to be mean, but if you have survived a difficult birth you know that if you had some knowledge about the things that you went through it would have made things easier. Not to mention that some small warning sign or symptom could save someone else's life if they know what to look for. Most births are beautiful and go as planned and I am sure that yours will be a breeze.

Kelly Walters

After having two kids in the hospital, I honestly believe a home birth, with a midwife in attendance, would have been so much easier all around.

lalab... lalaboosh

I had an accidental unassisted birth, being at home was the plan all along. It was awesome!

Meg, just breathe! Haha! I found being on all fours and literally cheering myself through contractions to be extremely helpful. I'd feel more pain when I thought and said it was too much or that it hurt. When I was cheering and saying that I could do it I felt much less pain. I also am sooooooooooo glad I learned about perineal massage, saved me from tearing again!

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