Accidental Home Birth Allows Mom to Have Easiest Experience

home birthOne of the biggest things that holds us back from so many things in life is fear. And fear during pregnancy, specifically during labor, can create a whole host of issues. But for pregnant moms, fear is a huge part of birth -- it's an unknown and experiencing something for the first time often comes with fear. Even if it's a second or third birth -- each time it's new. To ease that fear we educate ourselves, talk to other mothers, try to figure out ways not to be scared of childbirth. Another thing we should all do is read stories of mothers having accidental home births.

Moms are able to turn off fear in these scenarios because birth becomes what has to be done without any doctors and nurses swarming around checking vitals every few minutes. This mom's accidental home birth should serve as inspiration to us all. 


Katherine Arthur of Laguna Niguel in California knew she wanted a natural birth, but she didn't expect it to be at home. She and her husband Keith were on their way to the hospital but only made it to the garage when her water broke. She realized quickly that they weren't going anywhere -- that the pressure was too great. Katherine is a mom of three, so she knows about the pressure. Baby number four was going to be delivered right in the family home.

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They went to the bathroom and Keith got blankets and pillows to make Katherine comfortable. Keith called 911 and the dispatcher Brodie Lefebvre helped over the phone. Everyone stayed calm. Baby Colette was born a short time later.

Katherine admits that she had studied hypnobirthing -- a meditation practice I really believe in and feel is responsible for many women staying calm and having a better birth. She said, "I was just able to turn off my fear. This was my easiest birth."

We all need to figure out how we can turn off our own fears.

Do you fear birth? What helps you stay calm when thinking of it? What has helped you be calm during labor?


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