10 Rude Comments Women Have Heard at the End of Their Pregnancies

There's nothing quite like being eight or nine months pregnant and feeling as if your body has been taken over by extraterrestrial forces. Muscles in your hips that you never knew you had ache, you can barely walk a block without wanting to die of exhaustion, and society is still forcing you to get dressed in the morning -- when you'd really love nothing more than to rock a snuggly robe everywhere you go.

Most sane people know better than to mess with you when you're in the third trimester. They're usually supremely nice and accommodating and you may even find they can help restore your faith in humanity. That's the good news.

The bad news is that you will almost certainly hear at least one insane, ridiculous comment or question uttered from the mouth of someone so clueless you can't help but wonder how he or she made it this far in life. Resist the urge to bump him/her with your belly and smile on. Here are 10 of the craziest comments/questions we've heard from real women.

1. "You must be having a girl. You've spread."

2. Standing in line at a grocery store, a woman I had never seen before started chatting with me. She asked if I have stretch marks. I told her that, yes, I had developed some and she proceeded to try and lift my shirt saying, "I got them too -- let me see yours."

3. A handsome man in a business suit approached me on the street. He pointed to my belly, smiled, and said, "Boy, right?" I smiled back and said, "Yes." He then made a curve shape with his hands and said, "I can tell because your breasts and belly are so round. That means he [the father] gave it to you good."

4. I had the occasional random dude yell, "Congratulations, mama!" at me on the street. And a nun touched my belly.

5. A lady said that it looked like I swallowed SeaWorld.

6. My mother-in-law told me to eat okra so the baby would come out easier.

7. A man who approached me at the orchestra while I was with my husband said, "I admire you." He had his significant other on his arm.

8. A creepy guy who approached me on the street near my office asked, "Can I deliver your baby?"

9. I'm a swimmer, and I was teaching my brother some strokes. When I got in the water, he said it was like watching a lumbering hippo on land and then watching it be graceful in the water.

10. Near-stranger I had just met at a family party: "Oh my God, my birth was so painful. I was in labor for 22 hours and his head was so big. I wanted to die the entire time."

What's the craziest comment or question you received toward the end of your pregnancy?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

My favorite was the woman who yelled "twins or triplets?" at me from across the street. Gee thanks, I wasn't feeling quite huge enough

Jen Hassenpflug

haha, a male nurse asked me during my third trimester when I was huge, if I was pregnant. I said " no, I have a tumor." for a second he thought I was serious LOL.

ginge... gingerprincess

I'm only in the first trimester, but a random lasy actually hugged me in the line at Walgreens today.

Frost... FrostyMelted

Whoever submitted #7 is pretty much an insensitive witch and pathetically stupid. Just sayin. 

Sarah... SarahHall58

I was fortunate not to have anyone say anything mean while I was pregnant but what makes these people think this stuff is ok!?

Lucki... Luckicharmz

While standing in checkout at Walmart when I was 9months pregnant with my son, mom to her 13 yr old daughter while blatantly pointing at me "see what happens when you drop out of high school, you become some cracked out, knocked up, tattooed, welfare tramp. Don't ever be like her."

sorry two seconds while I go get my two college degrees, career, happy marriage, and house out of my other purse......

Robin Hartman

I loved being pregnant and I always wanted strangers to rub my belly and give advise. I work at a grocery store so I had hundreds of people with lots of different comments- you look like you're going to pop, you must be due yesterday (while 6 months pregnant). It just makes me laugh.

nonmember avatar nikki

Well I have 3 weeks left and starting around 6 weeks people started asking if I was due soon or saying gosh, I thought you were due a lot sooner and an older guy asked me if there was two of them. Now it's, you look like your ready to pop! Well ya I feel like I'm ready to pop!! But you don't need to say I look like it. Mind you this is my 3rd baby.

CLM3345 CLM3345

#4 is not "insane, ridiculous or rude." I mean, how dare someone call out Congrats?! Also #6 isn't strange or rude, just an old wives tale. #7 seems like a man who admires and respects pregnant women and possibly is or wants to be a father. Some people seem way hyper sensitive and get offended over nothing.

Blues... Blueshark77

#9 made me laugh. I didn't really have anything rude said to me except by the resident doc who said I was too old at 35 to have a baby. I did enjoy going to my favorite Chinese restaurant after the baby was born to prove I had a girl. The owner and staff insisted I was having a boy because of the way I was carrying, and told me the four ultrasounds I had were wrong. :)

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