15 Women Who Didn't Let a Baby Bump Cramp Their Adventurous Spirit (PHOTOS)

pregnant weight liftingOnce upon a time, people described pregnant women as being in a "delicate condition." Picture a dainty lady with a baby bump, feet propped up on fluffy pillows, just breathing and gestating. Actually, I almost can't picture that at all. In fact, maybe we should call pregnancy being in a "bad-ass condition," because if anything, I'm seeing women do all kinds of amazing physical feats while pregnant. (Also because pregnancy can really make your tailbone ache -- but I digress ...) Here are 15 pregnant women who aren't letting a bun in the oven stop them from doing what keeps them feeling alive and well.

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kayba... kaybayblee3

Excercise is great during pregnancy, but you can't just pick up a whole new fitness thing just like that if you weren't doing it before. Most of these women were super fit before and just kept it up I kept running after I found out I was pregnant this time around, but I had to slow it down. Just listen to your body. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't do anything. Although, that one picture of the mountain climbing woman makes me cringe a bit...

Blues... Blueshark77

My hobby is scuba diving and I did not do it while pregnant. We had the car loaded and ready to go, but I wanted to take a pregnancy test first because I felt different. Needless to say we scrapped the diving that day. I do think it's important to stay active during pregnancy as long as the doc okays it.

nonmember avatar MamaOf2Boys

The excercise thing I get. It's great but I think they need to also take it easy. Doing all these things while pregnant is selfish. Why would you put your needs/hobbies/interests before the safety and well being of your unborn child? Just proves that they aren't mature or ready to have a child. Having a child changes your life in a good way; yea I can't go clubbing every night but I do get to wake up to the two cutest smiles in the world and I would never change that.

nonmember avatar Ann

MamaOf2Boys, you are an idiot. There is no way that by keeping youself fit and healthy is selfish and makes being pregnant any less safe. Are you kidding me? Obviously, these woman ARE mature enough to handle being a mom, look at the example they set for themselves and everyone else around them. The best moms are the ones that don't give up. You can still wake up to the cutest smiles every day, but you can also get off of your butt and take them for a run around the block with you.

Lyndsey Akley

So many studies have actually shown that women who exercise while pregnant have a better pregnancy, easier labor, healthier baby, and an smoother recovery than those who dont work out.  Yes, take everything in moderation, but exercising while pregnant is a huge benefit to all involved!  I did yoga and Pilates 2x/week and walked all through my pregancy, and my doctor said i had one of the easiest and healthiest pregnancies she'd ever taken care of.  Its not selfish to take good care of yourself.

iicar... iicarmerin

@Ann calling people names isn't nice even if you're right. I agree with you those kids will most likely take up the healthy examples their mother's are giving them and that is not selfish at all.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Exercising is great, going to the extreme IS selfish. Placental abruptions happen, premature rupturing of membranes happen. Your baby gets one gestation to grow safely and fully - you can enjoy these things later on.

Cindy Avalos

@ann I agree with iicarmerin, temper! Temper! Mommy we oughtta be careful those outbursts don't happen in front of our babies or else we give the example that our emotions control us vs the other way around, you are right but the way it was handled completely took away your being right and focused on something else...your human I get it but I would recommend not name calling wear responsible adults now and we have little eyes watching us, it only makes the other person look better when you do that

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