Interactive Map Shows How Popular Your Baby Name Choice Is (Try It!)

interactive baby name mapEver wonder how popular your baby's name has been over the years? Or where in the U.S. it's been most popular? A new interactive baby names map will show you how the popularity of your kids' names have spread across the U.S. over time. All you do is plug in the name, and you'll see through shifting shades of color where that name was most popular and when. The results may surprise you!


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Some names are popular all over the country, while other names are popular just in smaller communities. Ever feel like every girl in your kids' school is named Zoe? Well, now you can find out if Zoe fever hit just your town or if it was sweeping the nation five years ago.

I plugged in my son's name and was surprised to find it's been hugely popular in one southern state for over 100 years! I have zero roots in the south, nor have I ever lived in the south, and it's not a family name. I just liked the sound of it. So that's an interesting connection to have with that part of the country.

Too bad this map can't tell you how popular a name is going to be in the future. But if you're worried that a name you have in mind is going to be huge this year, at least you can find out how many other parents have chosen it in the near past.

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No reason why you can't check out your own name as well. Here's mine in 2000:

interactive baby name map

Check out the Baby Name Visualizer here. Brian Lee Yung Rowe of Zato Novo used U.S. Census data to create the interactive map.

Did you learn anything new about your kids' names after trying out the tool?


Image via Zato Novo

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