​50 Best Irish Baby Names for Lucky Little Boys & Girls

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If you're set to give birth around St. Patrick's Day or just like a fine Irish name, check out this awesome list of 50 Irish baby names for both boys and girls. From the unique to the traditional, there's a little something in here for everyone!

Irish Baby Girl Names:

Erin -- As in Erin Go Bragh

Anna -- Ancient Celtic goddess known as the "Wealth Provider"

Megan -- Similar to the Irish surname O’Meegan, meaning "descendent of the brave warrior"

Makayla -- Stems from the Irish man's name "Cadhla," meaning slender

Riley -- Similar to the Irish surname O’Reilly, or Ó Raghaillaigh, meaning "descendent of Raghaillaigh," an Irish chieftain

Colleen -- From the Irish Cailin, meaning "girl"

Fiona -- Popular name in Ireland; from Fionn, which means "fair, white, beautiful"

Aine -- Irish name, which means "joy"

Claire -- "Clare" is a county in Ireland

Molly: Irish pet form of Mary, meaning "star of the sea"

Kennedy -- Derived from the Irish surname Ó Cinnéide, meaning "helmet head"

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Kelly -- Derived from the Irish surname "Ó Ceallaigh," which possibly means "brave warrior"

Cassidy -- Derived from of the Irish surname Ó Casaide, which may translate to "clever"

Ashlyn -- Derived from the Irish name Aislinn, meaning "dream"

Kiara -- Form of Ciara, an Irish name meaning "dark"

Reagan -- Derived from Irish surname Ó Ríagáin, which comes from "sovereign" or "king"

Delaney -- Anglicization of the Irish surname Ó Dubhshláine

Alana -- Feminine form of the name Alan, which means "handsome"

Mckenna -- Anglicization of the Irish surname MacCionnaith

Brenda -- Feminine form of the Irish name Brendan

Shannon -- Area and river in Ireland

Kara -- Form of Cara, the Irish word for "friend"

Maebh -- From an old Irish name Madb, "the cause of great joy"

Aurnia -- Irish originated name, meaning "golden lady"

Fallyn -- Irish name, meaning "descendant of the ruler"

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Irish Baby Boy Names:

Owen -- Can be a form of Irish names Eoin and Eoghan

Cody -- From Irish surname Mac Óda, meaning "descendent of Otto"

Patrick -- Ireland’s patron saint’s name

Brayden -- Anglicization of the Irish surname Ó Bradaoin

Tristan -- Celtic name, meaning may mean "tumult" or "uproar"

Colin -- From Cóilín, an Irish short form of Nicholas

Liam -- Shortened form of Uilliam, the Irish form of William

Caden -- From Irish surname MacAodháin

Ryan -- From the Irish surname Ó Ríain, meaning "descendent of the little king"

Brandon -- Irish name, which possibly means "sword"

Logan -- From the Irish surname O’Loughan

Austin -- From the Irish form of Augustine, a Latin name meaning "great"

Kevin -- Irish names that means "beautiful birth"

Connor -- Modern form of the Irish name Conchobhar

Colm -- Irish name, meaning "a dove"

Finnian -- Irish name, meaning "white" or "fair"

Aidan -- Popular Irish name that means "little fire"

Brian -- From Irish name Brion, meaning "noble"

Sean -- Irish form of John, which means "gift from God"

Cullen -- Irish name, meaning "the son of the holy one"

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Fagan -- Irish name meaning "little fiery one"

Feichin -- Irish name meaning "raven"

Lee -- From River Lee, the river which runs through County Cork

Leary -- Irish name, meaning "keeper of calves"

Rian -- Irish name, meaning "little ruler"


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