Maternity Leave: Quitting Work Before Your Due Date?

maternity leaveI just read a post on workitmom about a woman who's out on maternity leave -- but her baby's not here yet. She quit work ten days before her due date, and is wondering now how to fill the time before the baby arrives. Relax? Run a million errands? Do some last-minute cleaning/nesting?


I quit work two days before my due date, and then was two weeks late, so I ended up having more time on my hands than I had expected. I alternated between getting stuff done and getting in some R&R (although we already had a two-year-old, so it wasn't all peace and quiet and feet propped up on the coffee table.)

Moms around here have been talking about when to start maternity leave, too -- some plan to work right up until the baby comes and some plan to take a little time for themselves.

What about you? How long before your due date will you quit work? How will you spend the time?

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