Wait Until You Hear Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Name Ideas (VIDEO)

jimmy on ellenWhat does a comedian name their baby? Ask Jimmy Kimmel -- he's full of ideas. On Ellen this week, Kimmel announced his wife is expecting a baby -- their first together, and Jimmy's third (he has two grown children from a previous marriage). Naturally, he's being real mature about the whole thing. "I'm going to be one of those old dads!" he told Ellen. But not that mature! Guess what he wants to name his baby? He doesn't know the gender yet, but it doesn't matter. The real question is whether or not he'll manage to talk wife Molly McNearney into any of these names.


Kimmel's first idea is Karate -- as in Karate Kimmel. And yes, he invoked the Kardashian family as an influence. Karate works for a boy or a girl. A winner either way! I'm sure his child wouldn't mind at all going through their entire life being called The Karate Kid.

So it's either that or The Riddler because obviously.

Anyway, I'll give Jimmy credit for coming up with some original ideas for a first name. But his idea for a middle name is one parents will want to steal. And it's definitely the kind of name only a second- or third-time parent would know to come up with: Effin. As in, Karate Effin' Kimmel.

Try it out with your own kids the next time they're acting up. JENNIFER EFFIN SANCHEZ, GET YOUR BUT OVER HERE!  Or, SAMUEL EFFIN JOHNSON IF YOU DON'T STOP TOUCHING YOUR BROTHER, I'M GONNA ... yada yada yada. Right? It's perfect!

Do you ever contemplate names you'd never actually use in real life but that someone else should use?


Image via Ellen

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