Panicked Dad Forced to Deliver Baby When Nurse Runs Away

baby Kudos to new dad and Florida native Zaheer Ali. He and his wife Indira just welcomed a beautiful baby girl -- their first -- into the family. But Ali isn't just to be applauded for the new addition, he has definitely earned a whole other set of props. Why? Because he's the one who delivered his daughter in the absence of a doctor or nurse.

Sure, we have all heard those stories about folks who didn't make it to the hospital in time. But Ali and his wife's story is a little different -- they were in the hospital, ready and waiting. In fact, more than ready. They'd already met with a doctor who administered a drug to induce labor ... and then left them to see to another mom-to-be.


According to Zaheer and his wife, just after their doctor left them to go attend to another patient in need, the nurse left the room and didn't return. Right now, no one knows why. What we do know is that it left a panicked Zaheer alone to deliver his baby girl into the world. The doctor came back into the room, but only in time to see that the cord still needed to be cut. How much do you want to bet the hospital still charges them the full amount for this 'service'?

Can you imagine anything scarier? You make it to the hospital, you've done everything right, and then next thing you know, you might as well have stayed home? Shocking! Of course the hospital is being as mum as it can be about the Alis' entire ordeal and trying to make things right with them personally -- but it's kind of a case of way too little way too late! They might be able to try and compensate them in some other fashion, but they won't be able to erase the sense of fear and helplessness both parents felt. Thank god the baby was unharmed, that's the only silver lining.

What do you think the hospital should do to make it up to the family?


Image via wickerfurniture/Flickr

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