25 Things Moms Would Tell Their Pre-Parenthood Selves

We all know that hindsight is 20/20, and you pretty much need to learn every life lesson for yourself. But what if you could go back and tell your pre-parenthood self what you'd learned ... what would you say? Here are 25 pieces of advice my friends would pass on ... 

  1. Travel now! Go bang a Spanish guy whose last name you don't know in Paris. Eat all the cheese.
  2. You're not actually tired now. You just think you are. 
  3. Appreciate time alone. Alone on the toilet, alone in the shower, the ability to complete a thought in one sitting. The ability to finish a meal while it's still warm. 
  4. Walk around topless every chance you get. Your boobs will never be the same perky ladies you know now.
  5. Realize that you will never be "ready," the time will never be "just right," and there will never be "enough money."
  6. You're hotter than you think, and this is the hottest you will ever be. Flaunt it!
  7. Find a career you love; your kids will be so much better off for it.
  8. Don't take your kid-free grocery store trips for granted.
  9. You're not busy. Really, not at all. The dozen social commitments you have this weekend don't make you busy. They make you available and fun.
  10. Sleep as much as you can and cherish it because you will never sleep again.
  11. Savor doing laundry for only one person.
  12. Keep your sense of humor -- you'll need it. 
  13. Stop being a judgmental b of those moms with tantruming children. They aren't bad moms 99 percent of the time.
  14. Know that your mom was right. About everything.
  15. Take a week to do nothing but lay in bed reading and drinking iced tea.
  16. Stay near your family ... they will come in very handy!
  17. Have sex on the dining room table ... or at least leave the bedroom door open. 
  18. Eat at fancy restaurants. 
  19. Hoard your money. Every. Last. Cent. Once a month, you can spend $10 on yourself but SAVE THAT MONEY 
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  20. Wear tight jeans. Because you will never want to again.
  21. Value the feeling of not having a care in the world.
  22. Learn to let go of control because you'll never have it again!
  23. Buy more shoes. You won't have the budget for shoes after you have kids.
  24. Enjoy the fact that you aren't as fearful yet. Becoming a parent makes you realize how fragile life is.
  25. Stop giving parenting advice. You know NOTHING.

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