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14 Stages Men Go Through While Their Wives Give Birth (PHOTOS)​​​

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dad holding newborn baby

As you prepare for the birth of your baby, have you ever thought about how your husband is going to react while watching you progress through the various phases of labor?

Giving birth isn't only emotional and surreal for us -- it's gotta be pretty mind blowing for the dudes in our life as well. (Or at least you'd think so.)

Check out these photos to see the 14 stages men go through from the moment we have our first contraction to the second the baby arrives.

1. When you tell him it's time to go to the hospital, he gets all sorts of calm and focused. "This is it. It's go time."

 Pete Wentz GIF

2. You're all settled into your hospital room and things are going smoothly. He thinks to himself, "Wow. This really isn't too bad!"

Jensen Ackles

3. He looks over at you adoringly. "Sigh. She's glowing. Man, I love that woman."

Jeremy Renner

4. But then your contractions start getting closer together and he's all, "Wait. Why is she changing colors?"

the office

5. He comes over to hold your hand for support. Big mistake. You almost literally squeeze the shit out of it.

Macauly culkin

6. All of a sudden there are doctors and nurses everywhere, and they're telling you to push. He wonders, "Should I peek?"

Matthew Morrison

7. He peeks. And what he sees is definitely NOT what he was expecting.

Jonah Hill

8. And then the unthinkable happens. He asks himself, "Is that ... POOP?"

James Van der Beek

9. The nurses quickly clean you up. He steps back. But then he realizes while he's a bit freaked out, he can't look away.

staring GIF

10. And then, all of a sudden, he can't move. "I SEE THE HEAD!"

Will Smith

11. He goes straight into pep talk mode. "You can do it honey! Just one more big push! I love you baby!"


12. And then the baby finally comes out. He turns into an absolute pile of mush who isn't afraid to cry even harder than his newborn.

Taylor Lautner

13. He finally holds his brand new baby in his arms for the first time and thinks to himself, "Yep. I did that. I'm the MAN."

Stanley the Office

14. And then he glances over at you and thinks about what you just went through to bring his baby into the world, and he's all, "Damn, am I a lucky guy or what? Bring on the cigars!"

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Do you think your husband will handle labor and delivery ok?


Image via Annie Engel/Corbis

labor & delivery


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Mine was awesome the second time. First time I think it just took too long. Second time was much more exciting plus he was way more committed to helping me avoid an epidural after seeing first hand how awful they are. He was also much calmer the second time, first time when I told him it was time he was total sitcom dad. It was pretty funny, he kept telling me that everything was ok and I should relax. I was relaxed, he was the one losing his mind.

hello... hellokd87

I honestly think my husband is going to freak out more than I will & I think he's going to pass out. Just looking at his face during the childbirth class while they were showing animations (and videos of real births) I am confident I will have to coach HIM at least partially through the labor!!! Lol

nonmember avatar Havva

Be gentle to your husband.
My husband has vaso-vagla syncope with seizures. Basically if he faints (and medical stuff makes him faint) he will have a seizure. All the staff was alerted to his condition.

I can't make promises for you. But my husband turned out quite determined when the chips were down. He learned I was being prepped for surgery (something he knew I would only allow for life threatening circumstance), and further that my pain had become so catastrophic that I was shaking from head to toe and rapidly loosing the ability to speak. He pulled it together just to hold my hand and say how much he loved me, and promise me he would take care of me and our baby no matter what.

When they brought our little girl out of the OR, he totally melted. Of course he couldn't bear to watch them place IVs on our baby...but he was smitten enough to look past the half dozen or so tubes and cables coming off our baby, and showed her off like any proud father. And he was so in love that he visit her in the NICU several times a day, without fear.

I'm glad I didn't pressure him. He stretched his limits, on his own, and got through without a single seizure.

nonmember avatar Tomalley

I know this is satire, but doesn't it seem like this author has a weird hang up about pooping during labor? Really, it's not THAT big of a deal!

Blues... Blueshark77

That's so sweet, Havva.

My guy works in operating rooms so he didn't think it would be such a big deal for him, but once they got our daughter out he was just head over heels in love. He is the biggest ball of mush with her to this day, which if you knew him before she was born it would have been hard to imagine. He was pretty good during the labor though every once in a while he would complain about being tired or hungry. I didn't mind  when he slept and ate because we were there a loooong time. He was also good about taking care of me after the surgery.

Parenthood has helped him to have a lot more empathy with kids and their parents when he works at the children's hospital now because he finally understands how deep the bond is between parent and child. It's one thing to hear about it, another to experience it.

sbkidz sbkidz

This is funny and pretty accurate except for the poop thing. Not everyone does that. I had three and never did, but warned my husband each time that it was possible.

Nik713 Nik713

First mine called me a whiner during labor. Then he almost passed out twice. First time was when they popped my water and I told him to move because I felt a gush coming, he didn't and it got on his shoes. 2 time was in the OR and the anesthesiologist ignored me saying it wore off and had them start cutting. I started screaming bloody murder, looked at him while bawling and said make it stop. Please make it stop. The docs then knocked me out so my eyes rolled in the back of my head and he almost passed out again and had to leave the room. No one got to see my LO be born and his first pictures with her he is as white as the sheet!

nonmember avatar Sara

I had to have a c-section since my daughter was breech and 10+ lbs. I can only imagine what my husband would have been like during a natural labor and delivery. LOL. These gifs cracked me up! :D

judyn... judyneufeld

My hubby couldn't even stay in the room after my first push. He's a wimp. Good thing my mom was there for both my daughters's births.

nonmember avatar me

He slept thru lot of my labors, which was fine, but once they hooked me to the monitors and he realized he could see the contractions on the paper.. he was soo excited lol look honey, youre having another contraction!! Gee thanks, cause I surely wouldnt be able to tell when I was having one without that dam machine lol

I guess he thought he was being helpful..

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