Home Births Are Making a Comeback: See for Yourself (INFOGRAPH)

home birthWe talk about home birth a lot. But around 1 percent of women choose to have their babies at home -- though that number is rising thanks to a natural birthing trend. Home birth isn't something we should fear. We've gone over this before -- women were made to birth babies! It's our superpower. And even though we talk so much about why more women are choosing home birth and natural birth over heavily medicated birth, we should really be talking about why women didn't trust their superpower to begin with. Why did we forget our ability and slowly over time decide we needed a ton of medical intervention to have a baby? Because back in 1900, about 95 percent of births happened at home. By the 40s, that declined to 44 percent. In 1969, 1 percent. But now it's starting to go up again. 

My theory? Doctors fed us information so we can do business with them. The medical advances are amazing, but they don't always belong in child birth. This infograph should open more eyes.


Home Birth
Source: NursingsSchoolHub.com

Home birth rates are rising fast because women are arming themselves with more information. We aren't just blindly trusting doctors anymore. Look what happened when we did that with antibiotics. Remember when antibiotics were prescribed for everything? Now docs aren't so quick to write that script (well the good ones aren't anyway). When we did that, we became a nation immune to the help antibiotics offered us. And no one wants that. For anything. Especially for child birth. Natural is ... well, natural. Look at Montana! Maybe the so-called crunchy women there can teach us something because they are choosing home birth more than any other state. Louisiana sure could learn something from them. We could all learn something from each other.

Doctors and midwives need to work together. Doctors need to learn from midwives because their c-section rate is lower. Less intervention when not needed. We need to do something about the alarming maternal death rate because c-sections are major surgery and often aren't the answer; they actually become the cause of the issue. Issues we shouldn't have in 2014. We are way behind when it comes to safe births, so this "new trend" -- home birth -- is welcomed. We are arming ourselves with information, with knowledgeable midwives, we are trusting our abilities and listening to our bodies and our babies' actions in our bellies, we are empowering ourselves. Consider home birth. Consider a doula. Consider a midwife. Let's make birth safer.

Would you have a home birth? What do you think of these stats?

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