17 Creative Baby Shower Themes

Jeanne Sager | May 15, 2014 Pregnancy
17 Creative Baby Shower Themes

welcome baby shower signBaby showers are one of those things that can spend even the craftiest person into a tailspin. Is it better to go gender-neutral? Should you make a theme about mom? About the baby-to-be?

Should there be games? What about favors? And what the heck is a sprinkle? How about we just dial back the anxiety for a moment? Before you get yourself in a tizzy, let's start with the basics: picking an epic baby shower theme!

From Star Wars for the geeky mama to a vintage tea party for a classy afternoon, here's a list of shower ideas that's sure to spark something for every mom!

What was your baby shower theme? Did you know who you were having?


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