Biggest Baby Born Breaks State Record: 16 Pounds of OUCH!

baby scaleIs it me, or are newborn babies getting bigger? We were just wincing at the woman who gave birth to a 14-pound baby this summer. Then, just last month California got it's biggest baby ever born when a 5-foot-1 woman gave birth to a baby weighing 15-pounds, 2-ounces. Well guess what. You know what. You know it's coming, you just don't know the exact number, yet. Ladies, you'll want to cross your legs for this one. It's gonna hurt. A 16-pound baby was born in California in August.

Congratulations, Sosefina Tagalu! She came forward when news of the mere 15-pounder tried to claim the title of OMG biggest baby born in the Golden State. Oh no, honey. That honor belongs to Sammisano.


This 16-pounder comes with a name befitting his title: Sammisano Joshua Talai Otuhiva. "My friends and family told me I needed to set the record straight," says Tagalu. And get this -- he wasn't even full term. If he hadn't been born early he may have weight as much as 18 pounds. 

What's that weird feeling? Ooh, I think my uterus just shrank five sizes. Can you cross your legs twice? Because I think I just figured out how, involuntarily.

Anyhoo, now that we have a big winner, I hope the madness will stop. Please, babies, quit trying to break the record! I don't want to be here a month from now, writing about the miracle 20-pound newborn. No one wants to read that story. I don't know what strange force is making babies bigger, if it's something in the water or our soon-to-be hungry lizard alien race overlords, but please stop. This is a record we do not want to see beat.

What do you think it must be like to carry and deliver a 16-pound baby?


Image via Wicker Paradise/Flickr

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