Baby Born Without Blood Is Alive Thanks to Mom's Gut Instinct (VIDEO)

ghost babyWhen it comes to our newborn babies, the slightest thing wrong can send us parents into a tizzy. Think about how you feel if your infant has a cold. Or a fever. Now imagine your baby was born without about 80 percent of their blood and referred to as a "ghost baby." You would be feeling scared and heartbroken and god knows what else, right?

When Hope Juarez, who's now 6 weeks old, was born, she was as white as a ghost. Literally. When doctors brought her to draw blood, they could barely get a drop out of her, because hours before her birth, she lost "about 80 percent or more" of her blood.

And if it weren't for the maternal instinct Jennifer Juarez had while still pregnant, Hope might not be here today.

Throughout the majority her pregnancy, everything was fine for 27-year-old Jennifer. But around three weeks before her due date, Jennifer noticed that the baby's kicking drastically had decreased to basically nothing. "She would kick around 10 times within half an hour, which is a lot," said Jennifer. When she brought her concern up to her midwife, she was asked what her "gut feeling was." And her gut feeling was that something was wrong.

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Doctors performed an emergency C-section on Jennifer, and Hope's only chance for survival was a blood transfusion. The baby had suffered from an extremely rare condition called fetal-maternal hemorrhage. The only other known recent case of a "ghost white baby" surviving at birth occurred in England in 2012. And in that instance, the circumstances were similar to Jennifer's -- the mother noticed that the baby had stopped kicking. And the scary thing? There's not much that can be done to prevent it. "We don't know what causes it. A lot of it is just it happens spontaneously. Sometimes the cause could be a motor vehicle accident, trauma, or where we have placental rupture, where the placenta suddenly just comes off the uterine wall," a neonatologist at Jennifer's hospital said. (Jennifer had none of these things.)

Thankfully, the ending to this story is a happy one. Sweet baby Hope is alive today, thanks to Jennifer's instinct to immediately seek medical attention. So, please, please let this be a message to all you mamas-to-be out there: If your gut tells you something is off with your pregnancy, it probably is, so talk to your doctor or midwife immediately. Nobody's better living proof than Jennifer and Hope Juarez.

Did you ever feel like something was wrong with your pregnancy?

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Crystal Reavis

So glad mom knew her baby so well even before she was born. I am equally glad that she was listened to. I wish mom and baby the best life ever!


wendy... wendywendy

how scary.  so glad mom and baby are doing well.

I did have a gut feeling that something was wrong with my pregnancy, which had been pretty easy and uneventful.  I couldn't really feel her kicking much, which hadn't been a problem before.  I had rented a portable fetal heartbeat monitor and could hear her but couldn't feel her.  Called the doctor and went in for a level 2 ultrasound and could see her kicking.  Somehow the placenta had changed positions and was now laying across all of the baby, just under my skin, like a blanket covering her.  So the placenta was absorbing all the kicks.  They scheduled me for another ultrasound the following week because they thought I may have a little too much amniotic fluid?  I still felt that gut instinct thing that something was wrong, really wrong, but at 31 weeks nothing else could happen.  My water broke 4 days later and she was born via c-section 2 days after that.  Turns out my uterus had 7 fibroids which were crowding her and making the uterus look full term.

Sometimes your gut instinct is correct.

Tammy Fogg Nelson

At 31 weeks my daughter stopped moving, I went to the doctor and he sent me to the local hospital for a non stress test. The monitor showed a sinusoidal heart pattern, (similar to waves), I was transferred to a larger hospital where they had a NICU, my daughter was delivered by emergency C-section the next day. The umbilical cord had torn and she was delivered with out any blood. I was told she was a miracle baby, had they waited another hour we would have lost her. Her discharge paper work said she needed 5 units of whole blood "rapidly infused" She is now a wonderful new mom herself. I totally believe in gut instinct, moms know when something is wrong.

Sarah Allen

I had a distinct feeling one night that my child was in danger. I actually went and got my toddler and brought her to my bed since I was alone in my house. I grabbed a knife and stuck it under my mattress. I put chairs underneath the doors so nobody could get into my house but I couldn't shake the feeling that she was in danger. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it was the baby I was carrying that was in danger. I had a miscarriage that night and lost that baby. I still don't know why and it has bothered me ever since.

Manth... Manthie717

When I was carrying my 3rd child I knew from the get-go something wasn't right.Needless to say I carried until my 34th week and gave birth to a stillborn daughter. So glad this mom had someone who listened to her..I didn't. The doctors kept telling me everything was alright.

nonmember avatar Maria

When I was pregnant with my first little angel the mid-wife kept telling me I was a great candidate to have a in clinic birth... Much like a home birth but at the clinic where they have a room made just like a home suite...Anyways I said I would think about it but something just was unsettling...right up to the last week before she was born they kept encouraging and I kept saying I don't feel comfortable with it and would prefer to be at the hospital...THANK GOD I did....I was in labor from Friday evening to Sunday night...yes that is what you see...Sunday finally came and the mid-wife called the doctor to see what was going on they did an ultrasound and her head had been on my pelvic bone the whole they said they moved her and start pushing...I little while longer yep she was born BUTT first....then there was something wrong...she was not breathing properly, she was a lot smaller than they expect and they had to whisk her away to get her under oxygen, on a heart monitor, and two hours later she was being transported to a larger hospital that had a NICU, I did not even get to hold her until the next day....So yes mamas,,,pay attention to that mama instict that GOD gave you!!!

My little angel is 7 today...I am so thankful for all those that were there for her and I....By the way because of the way she was delivered I was in a wheel chair for a week...protect you and your baby mamas!!! :) much love to you all!

nonmember avatar deena

I was 33 weeks pregnant with my youngest and he quit moving. My doctor sent me to the hospital for a non stress test. He failed that and I was sent to a hospital with a NICU And My Son Was Born C Section The Next day. He went into fetal distress and they don't know why. Now he has severe cerebral palsy and they think that may have been a factor in his fetal distress. But I knew something was wrong because he moved non stop then suddenly I couldn't get him to move.


It is a very scary ordeal to go through. I have been there first hand. My youngest dd 5 years old today, was born at 32 weeks with only 30% of her blood volume. After 5 blood transfusions, being life flighted 2 hours away 24 days in the Nicu and on oxygen till 4 months old she is now a strong healthy intelligent 5 year old. I pray that no one would ever have to go through that. It was the toughest ordeal I have every had to face.

Pixie030 Pixie030

I have 2 boys that are 2 yrs apart, the night before my older son was to turn 4 I had put them to bed. I had checked on them and both were asleep, I had watched tv for a bit and started to walk past their room again to go to my own room. Something stopped me outside their door and I just had to see them again before going to bed myself. Opened their door and my oldest son had gotten back up pulled the cord all the way out from the window and wrapped it multiple times around his neck, it tightened back up on him and his veins were popping out and he couldn't speak. I flew to him in a panic and luckily he suffered no damage, I also took the blinds out of their window and just hung a blanket over it for a curtain.

nonmember avatar Rachel

This is also EXACTLY what happened with me and baby, who is now 9 months old. She lost most of her blood (due to a possible silent placenta abruption) and had several blood transfusions and spent 2.5 weeks in the NICU. She is now completely healthy and shows no signs of impairment.

I had a normal pregnancy with no warning signs of an abruption nor being at risk for one. I just saw a significant decrease in her kicking/movement over a period of one day. Just listen to your body and trust your instincts. It is what saved my child's life.

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