Jenelle Evans Rushed to Hospital for Issue No Pregnant Mom Should Ignore

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital last night. The reality star, who's pregnant with her second child, wound up in the ER after she suffered from terrible stomach pains and nausea. "Apparently, Jenelle woke up and was throwing up all night. She was crying and she could barely talk," a source said. Initially, Jenelle thought the symptoms were just related to morning sickness and wanted to stay home, but her baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, made the smart decision to have her go to the hospital.

Thankfully, everything is okay with Jenelle and the baby. It was determined that she had the flu or a stomach bug, and was badly dehydrated. She's currently at home resting, but it's a good thing this happened to Jenelle later on in her pregnancy. Getting violently ill early on in your gestation could potentially result in miscarriage.


They say the first 6 weeks of pregnancy are some of the most crucial -- and with good reason -- your baby, which is only the size of an appleseed or so at this point, is developing incredibly fast. It's extremely important that mamas-to-be protect themselves from illness during this period, because if their temperatures get too high, it might result in the loss of the baby -- and a lot of the time, the flu or norovirus is accompanied by a temperature. If you ever have a temperature above 101 during any point in your pregnancy, it's really important you seek medical attention, like Jenelle thankfully did.

After she was released from the hospital, Jenelle did what most pregnant women would do: She took to social media. First, she wrote on Sulia, saying, "Lots of fans have been asking where I have been all morning. It's not like me to seemingly disappear from social media. I was in a lot of pain, and agony early this morning, and something had to be done." And then she fired off a tweet to Nathan, thanking him for the support.



Again, glad Jenelle and her baby-to-be are okay. And the next time, don't wait to go to the hospital, please!

Did you ever get violently ill during your pregnancy?


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