'Teen Mom' Mackenzie Douthit's Pregnancy Scare Leaves Her Hospitalized

Mackenzie Douthit

She's currently 36 weeks pregnant, and yesterday, Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie Douthit was rushed to the hospital -- where it was feared she might go into pre-term labor.

She suffered a drop in her blood sugar due to her Type 1 diabetes, and her mom let everyone know via Twitter that she'd been admitted. She said, "At hospital with Mic! Trying to stop low blood sugars. Hoping to keep baby girl in for at least another week!"

I know, I know -- 36 weeks is pretty darn close to full-term, but still -- the longer a pregnancy goes the better.


If the baby were to be born now, she'd still be considered premature, as the new definition of a full-term birth is 39 weeks, even though the child is mostly developed and will likely be just fine if she decides to make her entrance a few weeks early.

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However, I'm sure poor Mackenzie is a little scared right now, since the last thing any mom wants is for there to be some sort of complicating in her pregnancy even this close to the end.

As of now, we can assume she is still in the hospital -- but hopefully she'll be released soon and things will progress normally from here on out!

What well wishes would you send to Mackenzie?


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