5 Signs Mila Kunis Is So (Probably) Pregnant

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Mila KunisIt's not like there's been any sort of formal announcement or anything, but it looks like there's a pretty decent chance that Mila Kunis is pregnant with Ashton Kutcher's baby.

I know, I know -- there's been a ton of baby buzz surrounding these two ever since they first got together, so we probably shouldn't get too excited until she confirms she's expecting.

But -- yes, there's a but -- there does seem to be some fairly compelling evidence floating around.

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Here are five signs that Mila just might have a bun in the oven for real this time.

She's taking pregnancy vitamins -- Yep. In addition to "gaining 10 pounds," supposedly Mila is popping prenatals, which can only mean one of two things. Either she's pregnant or she's planning to get pregnant as soon as possible. (My money's on pregnant.)

She and Ashton are talking babies -- Back in December, the news broke that Mila and Ashton are planning on raising their babies Jewish. Huh. Interesting. Most couples don't get into those kinds of details unless a baby is imminent, and it was a couple of months ago ... so ...

She's wearing loose clothing -- A classic preggo sign. Mila has been spotted in baggy, billowy clothing, which is perfect to accommodate a growing belly. It seems pretty interesting how her shirts hang low enough to cover up her tummy.

She's acting preggo -- Well, at least according to a source who says she was "cradling her stomach" after Ashton showed her a picture of a baby in a magazine and said that's how he wanted to dress their baby. (Baby? What baby? Is there a baby on the way?)

She's close to getting engaged -- Supposedly Ashton is about to propose and even asked Mila's dad for permission to marry her. And you know what comes right before a Hollywood engagement, right? Duh. A baby.

So there you have it. Mila just might be preggo. But if she is? It'll be an interesting nine months, considering she just signed on as the new face of Jim Beam bourbon. Talk about temptation.

Do you think Mila is pregnant?


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Ashley Lynn Japhet

Holy crap!!! An article from Mary Fischer that DOESNT come of nasty, bitchy, judgey, and all around sucky to read!!! I am amazed. 

On the subject of Mila and Baby, I do hope so. If she is, congratulations to her! Babies are wonderful. 

Aujon... Aujonfire

Lots of women take prenatals and are not pregnant nor do they plan to be. All of these things could be a coincidence.

Bobbie Scherzer

Some women also take prenatals for low iron, or to help with nail and hair growth.  Some couples talk about important issues like what religion to raise the kids before marriage or pregnancy.  It is an important talk and should not be out off until the last minute if possible. Maybe she is not the type to wear clothing super tight.  Wearing something baggy doesn't mean she is pregnant.  Maybe she likes to dress comfortably in her down time. Liking a picture in a magazine doesn't mean she is pregnant.  I go gaga over cute baby photos, and I'm defiantly nit expecting.  Talking marriage doesn't mean a baby is on the way.  They could be a traditional couple who wants to do it right.


Reguardless, they are a cute couple.  If they are expecting they will let the public know when ready.

amyn6681 amyn6681

I remember seeing a photo from her Facebook page where she announced her pregnancy awhile back.....or am I missing something...?

Anoth... AnotherKim

She ALWAYS wears baggy clothes. Nothing new there.

nonmember avatar Alison

She already announced her pregnancy via facebook awhile ago. Guess the author should've done a bit more research. ;)

nonmember avatar Teri

Alison it was a hoax so stop being such a no it all bitch .

mrsary mrsary

I don't care, but I am happy they found love in each other!

nonmember avatar fantastic

o.m.gee. .... who cares?

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