Football Fans Give Baby Ridiculous Name But It's Not All Bad

new babyIt's almost time for the Super Bowl, and you know what that means! Time for new parents to come up with some ridiculous baby names in honor of the big game. The first to do it? A set of Seattle Seahawks fans with the last name Mann, who welcomed a baby girl this week. 

But I'm going to give them a little credit. The Manns came up with a bizarre baby name ... but they may have managed to do what most parents never really figure out how to do. They've given their baby a stupid baby name, but they've done it the "right" way.

Confused? Maybe the baby girl's name will help you understand.


See, they named her Cydnee Leigh 12th Mann.

Get it? The 12th man is a football term. It refers to the fans in a football stadium who "help" the 11 men on the actual field to win the game. In Seattle, where the fan frenzy is so intense that they have actually caused earthquakes (no, REALLY) by stomping their feet, the 12th man is highly valued.

So what does all this have to do with baby naming? Not much, other than the opportunity the Manns took to honor their favorite team and name their daughter at the same time.

They've had more than their fair share of critics since the baby girl's name went viral, but I have to be honest. If you're going to give a baby a ridiculous name, this is about the best way to do it!

Well, let's just look at how the Manns set up their little girl for the future. She has a normal enough first name. She has a very pretty middle name.

Sure, there's that extra name in there, but when it comes to official documents, it might as well not exist. Most schools are going to ask for a first and middle name, same with the DMV and just about everything going forward. If she wants to, Miss Cydnee Leigh can just pretend her "extra" middle name does not exist.

I happen to know a little girl in the same boat -- she loved her quirky second middle name when she was a toddler, but now that she's 11, she tends to pretend her parents didn't try to get silly with her name. And she CAN! Her friends know her first name, and some even know her middle name, but since so few people have a second middle name, no one even knows to ask her about it. Her secret is pretty safe with those of us who have known her since birth.

She's spared the torment of playground jerks, and her parents have their fun. It's the best of both worlds!

She's a cutie, by the way! Check her out:

What do you think of extra middle names? Would you slip something funny in there?


Image via jared/Flickr

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